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Business Administration

Bachelor degrees from accredited colleges and universities can be important stepping-stones toward a successful career.The most common type of undergraduate program is a bachelor's degree, usually awarded after four years of successful study

The basic characteristic of Austrian higher education system is a four-year course. After completion of undergraduate degree, the university often have scholarships for those students who may want to further studies to master’s and even to doctorate levels.

Top Bachelor Programs in Business Administration in Austria 2018

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Business Administration

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems
Campus Full time 3 years October 2018 Austria Krems

This new English-language degree programme gives students broad-based Higher education in business Administration. [+]

Its distinctive feature is the combination of business administration topics with specialist project management and corporate communications courses.

International Project Management prepares students for work on cross-border projects, and includes junior project manager certification

Communications enables students to assume responsibility for internal and external communications in an international business