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A Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology seeks to apply engineering and scientific principles to an organism to create products and services that have a value to society. It examines plants, animals and microorganisms with the intention of the development or improvement of current products or services.

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Bachelor - Biotechnology & Life Sciences

INTI International University & Colleges, Malaysia
Campus Full time January 2018 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Batu Pahat

Our programme provides you with the opportunity to examine the fundamental sciences that underpin Biotechnology – chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and statistics – whilst developing applications to areas such as business, ethics, and environmental science. [+]

Biotechnology and Life Sciences are the studies of live and living organisms to solve all kinds of problems, changing lives for the better. They are regarded as the most promising frontier technologies for the coming decades.

These fields have a profound impact on our world. In medicine, they have helped advance the treatment of illnesses and diseases. In the agro-food area, they have helped produce healthier crops that grow faster in order to counter food shortages. They have also become a potent ally in the fight against crime by helping forensics collect and process trace evidence such as hair, skin and blood.

Biotechnology and Life Sciences give you the chance to do work that make a real difference. You could be the one to discover the next breakthrough in science. And we are here to give you the knowledge and real-world skills you need to fulfil your potential.... [-]