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A Bachelor in Arts is an undergraduate degree with an emphasis on teaching students how to develop original concepts and then implement them. It is awarded to scholars who have successfully completed a well-rounded course of study. It is also the first step toward starting in many focused careers.

What is a Bachelor in Arts in Brazil? A Bachelor in Arts in Brazil indicates a student has completed a solid course of study with a foundation in efficient visual thinking and in being able to quickly produce sketches that illustrate ideas. Art students learn about different mediums, including watercolors, pastels and charcoals, as well as various types of expression, such as still life, murals and collages. Arts degree programs also often introduce students to the fundamentals of project management, and increasingly they also teach students how to utilize technology to realize their visions. A scholar generally takes three to six years to earn a bachelor’s degree in art.

Earning a Bachelor in Arts in Brazil is usually the first step in working in many different areas and building a professional career. This degree provides students with a solid education in creative expression that is relevant to hundreds of fields.

The cost of a degree program will vary according to the institution. Prospective students should research schools thoroughly before choosing one with the program that best fits their needs.

Individuals who earn a Bachelor in Arts degree are often prepared to take a wide variety of professional jobs. Possible fields of specialization include actual work in art and design, such as art director, architecture, fashion, fine and studio art, graphic design, interior design, performing arts, recording arts, video game design and web development design. Students can even use a bachelor’s degree in arts to pursue academic careers in such fields as English and history, or put it to work as a museum curator.

Numerous universities offer international options for earning this degree, and online classes are a good choice for those living in remote areas and those who need flexible schedules. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Universidade Do Vale Do Itajaí

The course of Graphic Design emphasizes the training of professional technical and scientific basis for designing systems for the visual language or tailored to the needs ... [+]

Bachelor of Graphic Design - Camboriú

The course of Graphic Design emphasizes the training of professional technical and scientific basis for designing systems for the visual language or tailored to the needs of the user objects, integrating knowledge of aesthetic nature, ergonomic, technological, market and socio-cultural.

Advocates graphic design culture as a communication tool in industry, trade and services, stimulating entrepreneurship in creating autonomous and / or business projects. Professional fashion whose work is guided by four basic lines:

Search aesthetic-functional balance between beauty and practicality. Realization of interfaces between aesthetics, psychology, economics, sociology and ergonomics. Systemic view of the project, from the design of the object and its viability, placing on the market and eventual acceptance by the consumer. Technical realization of all stages of the design process. Objective of the Course ... [-]
Brazil Itajaí Balneário Camboriú
March 2020
Portuguese (Brazil)
7 semesters