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A Bachelor's degree is a degree awarded by universities and colleges. In order to earn a bachelor's degree, you must complete the necessary courses that may last three to seven years depending on your institution of enrollment.

The process of creating a well-made structure entails a great deal more than just propping up four walls. Knowledge of architecture is needed in order to ensure that buildings meet predetermined desires and legal guidelines.

The education ministry runs education in China. The government often provides partial funding for the higher education in the technical and public universities. The Chinese government has also developed academic curriculum that allows those students with vocational skills to nurture their talents.

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English-taught Bachelor in Environement Design

Donghua University
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 China Shanghai

Through the courses, students are expected to learn basic theories, fundamental professional knowledge and practical skills of fashion design as well as understand the conception of design and learn the design methods. [+]

Bachelors in Architecture in Shanghai in China. Program objective The curriculum system is established with the combination of arts, fashion and engineering through the multi-interdisciplinary approach to architecture, design and fine arts. By learning the fundamental theories and design methods of environmental design, students are expected to balance the relations between aesthetics and technology, space and comma, nature and humanities in their design works and develop the ability of creative thinking and design performance. The design studio system of western interior design schools is introduced to this program is to encourage the students to gain design knowledge and independent design experience through project practice, furthermore to motivate initiative of design and improve the problem-solving ability in real projects. Graduates shall have strong art design skills and work as designs or management talents in interior or outdoor environmental design sectors. Have a solid professional theoretical foundation, essentials of humanities, arts and social sciences as well as the ability of oral and written presentation Systematically master the broad knowledge of technical theories in this discipline in including architecture, design studies, shape and structure of space, architectural decoration materials, engineering graphics, etc. Have the essential ability of literature search, theoretical study, on-the-spot investigation, planning and design Have a good command of basic skills such as engineering drawing, rendering expression and graphic design. Have a strong self-study ability and innovation consciousness [-]