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Earning a bachelor's degree is achieved by completing the necessary course of study offered by the college or university you enroll in. Completing this study may take three to seven years depending on where you seek your degree.

Graduates of the Bachelor in Administration will have strong skills in management, business decision making and communication. This is because the degree, which is similar to a BBA program, intends to provide a broad education in the functional areas of a company.

The United States of America is a large country in North America, often referred to as the "USA", the "US", the "United States", "America", or simply "the States". American colleges are funded by "tuition" charged to the student, which is often quite expensive, very commonly reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars per year.

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Bachelor in Business Administration

Muskingum University
Campus Full time Part time September 2017 USA New Concord

Business Management Core Requirements (30 Credit Hours) [+]

Bachelors in Administration in New Concord in USA. Business Management (48 semester hours for major) Business Management Core Requirements (30 Credit Hours) ACCT 201 Financial Accounting (3) ACCT 202 Managerial Accounting (3) BUSI 321 Organizational Management (3) BUSI 360 Business Law (3) BUSI 414 Business Ethics (3) BUSI 420 Information Systems for Business (3) ECON 215 Principles of Microeconomics (3) ECON 216 Principles of Macroeconomics (3) ECON 325 Statistics (3) Choose One of the Following: COMM 355 Organizational Communication (3) ENGL 202 Business Writing (3) Business Management Requirements (18 Credit Hours) BUSI 318 Managerial Finance (3) BUSI 326 Financial analysis & Investment (3) BUSI 341 Marketing (3) BUSI 412 International Business (3) BUSI 450 Strategic Management (3) BUSI 496 Bachelor of Science Seminar in Business (3) [-]