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Europe is home to some of the oldest and most prestigious academic institutions in the world. There are universities offering Bachelor in Administration degrees in Europe that maintain some of the highest academic standards, and this is why students from all over the world choose to take an undergraduate degree in Europe. In addition, students will get many opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, to develop personally, academically, and professionally through all that Europe has to offer.

A Bachelor in Administration program in Europe is a broad based business program that focuses on administration and seeks to develop leadership and management skills. Students will gain a strong foundational understanding of business principles through coursework, projects, seminars, research, and possibly internship opportunities. Students taking a Bachelor in Administration in Europe will develop their strategic, critical, and analytical thinking skills and there will be plenty of chances for practical application of all that they have learned.

If you are considering a Bachelor in Administration in Europe, then take a look through the programs below. If you find one that interests you, complete the form and you will be connected directly with the school admissions office!

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Business Administration And Management + Master (in Spanish)

EAE Business School
Campus Full time October 2017 Spain Barcelona

Changes in the labor market and the current internationalization and mobility of jobs require professionals with a high level of qualification. Official Degree in Business Administration, with a degree at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), provides a strong academic background and professional practice guidance, closely linked to the world of business ... [+]

Bachelors in Administration in Europe 2017. Changes in the labor market and the current internationalization and mobility of jobs require professionals with a high level of qualification. Official Degree in Business Administration, with a degree at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), provides a strong academic background and professional practice guidance, closely linked to the business world. The degree in Business Administration prepares you for functions in the general area of ​​the company or any specific area such as Finance, Marketing and Sales, Investment, General Management, Accounting and Human Resources among others. This degree allows students to learn the fundamentals of economic system in which we move it closer to the different areas of running a business from three angles: - From a general perspective, with contents of all functional areas of a business; - With a clear practical guidance, up to 630 hours of business practices recognized as optional credits; - And with a versatile method aimed at acquiring the necessary skills to enter the job market. Ultimately, the degree to ADE is designed to train professionals who know how to lead, manage and run a business or organization and other public and private institutions. Professionals capable of assuming leadership roles in the context of complex and changing global relationships, and prepared to make decisions under uncertainty. Double Degree Master's Degree + EAE has designed three possible routes: 1. Degree in Business Administration + Master in Marketing and Sales Management - For professionals who wish to acquire a solid background and knowledge of Marketing, the skills needed to learn to respond to the environment and the current market, and especially the ability to turn new technology into a competitive advantage. Master taught in Spanish or English. 2. Degree in Business Administration + Master in Financial Management - Prepared to form finance professionals to be flexible, be involved in the strategic management of the company, know relate to all departments of an organization and have the ability to optimize decision-making in a changing economic and financial environment. 3. Degree in Business Administration + Master in Project Management - Designed to train managers who can direct, plan, organize and control complex and global nature projects efficiently and effectively. Prepares participants to perform and pass the certification exam Project Manager Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI). The dual training Degree in Business Administration + Master allows students in a short time, finish college with a strong specialization in one of the key areas of business management. In addition EAE offers the opportunity to study the Bachelor of Business Administration following the itinerary Bilingual Spanish - English. How credits divided? Degree in Business Administration 240 ECTS 1. Basic subjects: 66 ECTS 2. Compulsory subjects: 144 ECTS 3. Elective subjects: 18 ECTS 4. Work experience (optional): Between 12 and 18 ECTS 5. Final Project: 12 ECTS Master of EAE: 60 ECTS 1. Master in Marketing and Sales Management: 60 ECTS 2. Master in Financial Management: 60 ECTS 3. Master in Project Management: 60 ECTS [-]

Business Administration

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems
Campus Full time 3 years October 2017 Austria Krems

This new English-language degree programme gives students broad-based Higher education in business Administration. [+]

Its distinctive feature is the combination of business administration topics with specialist project management and corporate communications courses. International Project Management prepares students for work on cross-border projects, and includes junior project manager certification Communications enables students to assume responsibility for internal and external communications in an international business [-]

Bachelor in Management

Toulouse Business School - Barcelona Campus
Campus Full time 3 years September 2017 Spain Barcelona

Study management and international business at a renowned business school and live a truly international experience through a practical course of study focused on the business world. [+]

Bachelors in Administration in Europe 2017. OFFICIAL UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Study management and international business at a renowned business school and live a truly international experience through a practical course of study focused on the business world. TBS' Bachelor in Management is addressed at young students who have completed their secondary education (high school) and would like an education in business management, with particular emphasis in the areas of marketing, international business and negotiation. The Bachelor in Management prepares competent professionals who successfully work in the different areas of a business. The future employability of students is the key principle that steers all educational activities. TBS Barcelona's Bachelor in Management is based on two pillars: International Experience During the three years of the Bachelor, students can define their own path among TBS' campuses and partner universities. Studying in three different locations during the Bachelor? It's possible with us! Practical Experience At the end of each academic course, students must fulfil an internship. After three years of study, TBS' students get up to 12 months of work experience: a real boost for their careers! Toulouse Business School - Acreditations & rankings AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA: TBS has earned the industry's three international accreditations, our quality guarantee. Only 1% of all business schools worldwide have received this triple accreditation. Ranked among the top 10 Business Schools in France according to the magazines Challenges and Le Figaro Étudiant. Bachelor in Management: Ranked 1st in France by Orientations Bachelor in Management: Ranked 2nd in the Le Figaro Étudiant 2014 Best Bachelors ranking. Bachelor in Management: Ranked 3rd in the SMBG ranking of the Best Bachelors in Management and Business Management in France (1st Business School in the ranking). THE BACHELOR IN MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME IS AN OFFICIAL UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Our goal is to provide our graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to become the managers of tomorrow. That they be able to: Understand a company and its environment; Control the international dimension of business: integrate multicultural teams and develop organisational structures abroad; Identify, capture and develop mew markets in Spain and abroad; Develop quickly to perform management duties: galvanise teams, develop and manage profit centres (subsidiaries, branches, etc.) and take part in strategic decisions. Duration: 3 years Number of credits: 180 ECTS Price: 7.900€ Number of places: 80 places in Barcelona Campus, 390 in Toulouse Campus. Official qualifications: by Toulouse Business School. Location: Barcelona Campus - Toulouse Campus Class language: 100% in English section and 100% in Spanish section Language classes: 1st language: English or Spanish depending on the section. 2nd language: French, German, Chinese, English or Spanish. There are several levels available for each language. Prior knowledge is not required for the 2nd language Exchange programme: 4rth semester at a partner university and/or 3rd year in Toulouse 7 specialization paths, 5 in Toulouse and 2 in Barcelona Work experience: required each year. Up to 12 months of work experience upon completing the degree Admission requirements: to be completing or hold an upper secondary school diploma (high school, BAC, IB, other…) Intake: in September International Admission process: online application (complete data and documentation) + entrance exams (academic skills tests and personal interview) International Admissions period: November to July [-]

Bachelor in Economics and Management

National Research University
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 Russia Moscow

National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” provides Bachelor Degree in Economics and Management according to Russian State Educational [+]

National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” provides Bachelor Degree in Economics and Management according to Russian State Educational Standard WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE MPEI MPEI students have a chance to study at one of the most prestigious universities of Russia according to numerous rankings and surveys. For more than eighty years of history MPEI have trained a huge number of the qualified engineers, prominent scientists who were standing at the origins of many technical achievements, in particular, of laser creation. At MPEI the Nobel Prize winners A.D. Sakharov and P.A. Cherenkov worked in different periods. In the 20th century in the Special Design Bureau of MPEI, which possesses its own Center of Deep Space Communication, radio images of the Venus surface and a reverse side of the Moon were obtained for the first time. Among the most famous graduates of MPEI there are the ex-Chairman of the State Council of China Li Peng and the ex-President of Romania Ion Iliescu, Ministers of Engineering and heads of the engineering companies of many countries of the world. MPEI partners in science and education include about 140 foreign universities, and such well-known companies like ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric, EPRI, Skoda, Samsung and others. Getting the unique training in any chosen field, MPEI graduates never have problems with subsequent employment and realize themselves in any chosen spheres. LANGUAGE OF EDUCATION Training is organized in Russian language. Those students who need to learn Russian are invited to MPEI Preliminary course which provides training of Russian language during 1 academic year. ACCOMMODATION CONDITIONS MPEI foreign students are provided with accommodation in MPEI hostel. The hostel under security surveillance has two-room blocks with a bathroom and a toilet in each block. Rooms are for two or three persons. There are also hostels of corridor type with double rooms. Rooms are equipped with furniture, bed linen is also included. On each floor of a hostel there is a common kitchen and a restroom. Internet connection can be provided for additional fee. In MPEI campus there are additional services like laundry, shops, repair offices, post-office, cultural centers, cafes and restaurants, etc. Accommodation fee is about 100 USD per month. INSURANCE All foreign students must have medical insurance for the whole period of education. MPEI works with insurance company which provides the most comprehensive insurance at a rate of 200 USD per year. [-]

International Business

Šiauliai State College
Campus Full time Part time September 2017 Lithuania Šiauliai

Objective(s) of a study programme:to train qualified international business specialists, capable to analyze business environment and processes, to create and manage a business, to implement international business projects. [+]

Bachelors in Administration in Europe 2017. About the programme Name of Study Programme: International Business Area of study: Social sciences Field of study: Business and Administration Level of study: programme 6 Type of study: College studies Qualification awarded: Professional Bachelor of International Business Certificate awarded: Professional Bachelor diploma Minimal education for admission: Secondary General Description: Objective(s) of a study programme: To train qualified international business specialists, capable to analyze business environment and processes, to create and manage a business, to implement international business projects, to communicate and negotiate in foreign languages by focusing on the changing international business environment, consumer needs and company’s goals by applying the latest scientific knowledge and socially responsible business principles in national and international markets. Learning outcomes: After successful completion the study programme, a student: Knowledge and its application will know and understand international business, management, marketing, economic, legal, psychology sociology, philosophy and ethics theories, principles and methods and will be able to apply them for business creation, management and development in national and international market; will apply mathematics, statistics and informatics knowledge for solving issues in business Research skills will carry out applied researches, which enable to get to know processes and events occurring in business and its environment and to apply the results for development of business and for solving concrete problems of international business. Special skills will be able to establish a company, will plan, organize, manage, control and analyze business processes, allowing to react quickly to the changing global business environment; will plan, analyze, evaluate and control international business financial, human and material resources; will organize and manage resourcing of goods and raw materials and sales processes; will predict international business trends, choose innovative marketing tools and prepare business projects; will collect, accumulate and systemize information from various sources as well as manage business data flows using modern information technologies Social skills will communicate and cooperate with partners and colleagues, discuss and negotiate in multi-cultural space in Lithuanian and foreign languages; will work in a team while taking responsibility for his/her own and subordinate employees activity results and quality, will follow principles of social justice, professional ethics and citizenship in professional activities as well as foster ethnocultural and intercultural relations Personal skills independently, innovatively and creatively will develop knowledge and skills needed for continuous professional development as well as understand moral and social responsibility for impact of his/her activities results on society, economic and cultural development as well as for well-being and the environment Activities of teaching and learning: Active teaching and learning methods are used as well as virtualization of the study process and internationalization. It is intended in the study programme for individual subjects topics to be taught by visiting teachers as well as mobility of students and teachers under Erasmus exchange programme which ensures the programme internationalization. In order to ensure innovative business specialist training, individual subjects topics will be taught by social partners from innovative businesses. The entirety of teaching and learning methods is intended to form general and special skills of professional activity required for independent and creative work of a trained specialist in the fields of international business. The programme aims for students to be actively involved in the study process: lectures seek to create a discussion environment, methods that promote student's initiative and practical activity are used. Abilities and skills are formed while studying theory basics, practicing, doing individual tasks: demonstration, information search, problem solving, situation modeling, problematic teaching, project work, group practicing, mind map, etc. Methods of assessment of learning achievements: The continuous assessment takes place over a period of time including the whole semester as well as exam session and the level of attainment reached by each individual student is evident from the composite score IKI = Tkn + Ekn), which is determined by the teacher and depends on the intended learning outcomes, subject content and the nature of assignments. All continuous and/or interim assessments of the subject, exams or any other form of learning outcomes assessment as well as practical tasks and defense of the practice activity (analysis) report are compulsory for students. All subjects final evaluation has intended exam method, provided test and pracical tasks, there might be a project preparation and defense. Practice evaluation is ended by submitting and defending a practice report. Stages in the course of studies are assessed by giving the following assignments: practice report, course paper and graduation paper. Learning outcomes of related subjects and the requirements to demonstrate a set of skills and abilities may be included in the practice report and internship assignments. [-]

Bachelor in International Business Administration

LCC International University
Campus Full time Part time 3.5 - 4 years September 2017 Lithuania Klaipeda + 1 more

The International Business Administration program provides a rigorous education in the concepts and skills of business within a Christian liberal arts environment. [+]

Mission Statement The International Business Administration program provides a rigorous education in the concepts and skills of business within a Christian liberal arts environment. Our graduates will be well versed in the various disciplines of business and the moral/ethical issues of the day, thus preparing them to bring their values and skills to bear on practices in Lithuania or their relevant community. Why Study Business at LCC? Do you want to be prepared to work in today’s fast-paced business environment? The breadth and format of LCC’s International business administration program will make this goal a reality for you. Gain an understanding of foundational and advanced business theory. Learn to analyze the changing business environment. Develop skills working in intercultural teams. Then take your theoretical knowledge and apply it in practical ways on and off campus, gaining valuable experience before you graduate. Equipping for Challenges North American and Lithuanian faculty work together to give you an education that will bridge the gap between the two different traditions of enterprise–those of the East and of the West. The expansion of the European Union is coming quickly. As the Eastern European community seeks integration, relationships with foreign partners become increasingly important. LCC will equip you with the skills needed to not only survive but also to be a step ahead in this transition. You will gain a broad understanding of Western business practices and learn to adapt these to the local business environment. Our international community of professors and students provides you with the perfect laboratory to prepare for the global economy. More Than Just a Business Because LCC is a Christian institution we seek to educate you not only as a successful business person, but also as a responsible citizen. Our diverse curriculum will help you place business in the context of broader societal issues. We will challenge you to consider how you relate to people, both professionally and personally. We want to provide you with an ethical framework in which to make decisions. You will develop the ability to think about the world more broadly, a skill which is becoming increasingly important in the business environment. But you will also be challenged to think about how you live your life and how to use your abilities to make a difference in today’s society. Making it Real for You LCC provides you with great opportunities to experience the realities of the business world. The Student Business Organization (SBO) and the Career Development Center (CDC) work together to enable you to function successfully even before you get your Bachelor’s degree. The SBO offers you first hand experience working on actual business projects, meeting with representatives of Lithuanian and international companies and organizing professional events and conferences. You will learn to lead diverse teams, as well as become a skilled discussion facilitator and negotiator. With the help of the CDC, you will learn to become everything employers are looking for from writing a job-winning resume to discovering your real talents and strengths. Bonnie Straight, former Business Department chair, shares her vision for business students: “Our purpose is not to train specialists, but to develop skilled business professionals who know how to learn, who work well in teams, who work with integrity and imagination, and who have had practice in analyzing the current business environment and identifying areas of opportunity and threat.” Career Opportunities A graduate in International Business Administration is prepared to pursue graduate studies in a wide range of areas including management, leadership, marketing, economics, entrepreneurship, and international business. A graduate may pursue a career in various types of management and leadership, accounting and finance, marketing and sales, and human resources. A graduate is also equipped to establish a new enterprise. A graduate is prepared for any career which requires a broad-based liberal arts education. Major The major in International Business Administration consists of 165 ECTS credits (129 required and 36 elective credits). [-]

Bachelor in Politics, Administration & International Relations

Zeppelin University
Campus Full time 4 years August 2017 Germany Friedrichshafen

For modernizers of public administration. Political consultants. Experts on Europe. Process innovators. Developmental aid workers. Privatizers. Nationalizers. Public policy experts. UN-employees. Foundation managers. Electoral Researchers. Producers of public goods. Non-profit managers. Social entrepreneurs. Please note: German language skills required! [+]

Bachelors in Administration in Europe 2017. For modernizers of public administration. Political consultants. Experts on Europe. Process innovators. Developmental aid workers. Privatizers. Nationalizers. Public policy experts. UN-employees. Foundation managers. Electoral Researchers. Producers of public goods. Non-profit managers. Social entrepreneurs. Please note: German language skills required! Our claim: To find answers to global challenges PAIR is a study pro­gram in po­lit­i­cal and ad­min­is­tra­tive sci­ence mainly taught in Ger­man. It ad­dresses stu­dents who want to an­a­lyze po­lit­i­cal sys­tems in mod­ern so­ci­eties from a na­tional, in­ter­na­tional, and Eu­ro­pean per­spec­tive. At the same time - and from the per­spec­tive of or­ga­ni­za­tional re­search and mod­ern man­age­ment the­ory - na­tional and in­ter­na­tional or­ga­ni­za­tions are an­a­lyzed, and a wide knowl­edge of pub­lic man­age­ment in mod­ern states is taught. Thus, the stu­dents learn to an­a­lyze and solve com­plex prob­lems of de­ci­sion-mak­ing and gov­er­nance in the pub­lic sec­tor in their po­lit­i­cal, legal, eco­nomic, and so­cial con­text. As all other study pro­grams at ZU, PAIR has a strong in­ter­dis­ci­pli­nary ori­en­ta­tion which can not only be seen in the so-called Zep­pelin Year, the first two se­mes­ters, but also in the elec­tive mod­ules from re­lated study pro­grams in later se­mes­ters. At the same time the study pro­gram pro­vides the chance of a sub­ject-spe­cific spe­cial­iza­tion that en­sures the best pos­si­ble com­pat­i­bil­ity for mas­ter pro­grams in po­lit­i­cal and ad­min­is­tra­tive sci­ence. Im­por­tant Note: All bach­e­lor pro­grams at Zep­pelin Uni­ver­sity re­quire sound knowl­edge of Ger­man. Al­though 40 per­cent of our courses are taught in Eng­lish, your Ger­man knowl­edge should be at least on the C1 level of the CEFR in order to start a suc­cess­ful study pro­gram at ZU. There­fore, we re­gret that we can­not ac­cept ap­pli­ca­tions writ­ten in Eng­lish. [-]

BSc In Secretarial Studies

Castelo Branco University of Applied Sciences
Campus 3 years September 2017 Portugal Castelo Branco

Respond creatively, flexibly and innovatively to the new challenges created by the increasing mutation of the contemporary world | Master the new technologies of communication and information within the secretariat | esempenhar advisory, managing sectors and people | Managing the flow of information in the institution | To participate in the improvement of the management process | Mastering fluently standard oral and written Portuguese; Mastering foreign languages. [+]

Goals - Reply creatively, flexibly and innovatively to the new challenges created by the increasing mutation of the contemporary world - Mastering new technologies of communication and information within the Secretariat - Perform advisory, managing sectors and people - Manage the flow of information in the institution - Participate in the improvement of the management process - Mastering fluently standard oral and written Portuguese; Mastering foreign languages Career - Secretarial and Professional Advisory Board companies, governing councils of various public and private institutions, municipalities, institutions and companies as well as public affairs office in the tourism sector, commerce, industry, services and international organizations. - Potential employers will be medium and large regional, national and multinational companies, international organizations, banks, insurance companies, local authorities and others, for which they are indispensable training of its staff, the knowledge in the areas of languages, technologies and the secretariat of Generally Entrance Examinations Candidates must perform one of the following tests: - history or - Portuguese. [-]

BS Business Administration

Webster University Leiden
Campus Full time January 2017 Netherlands Leiden

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is for students with a very strong interest in business who want exceptionally strong preparation in that field [+]

Bachelors in Administration in Europe 2017. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is for students with a very strong interest in business who want exceptionally strong preparation in that field. The program is more structured than many business programs and ensures that the student is exposed to the business areas of accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, international business, business law and information systems. The program also includes exposure to advanced topics that are important to business. The bachelor of science (BS) in business administration covers the breadth of business-related disciplines as defined in the business core curriculum. The major does not provide a specific specialization but rather exposes the student to various business functions. This major is ideally suited to the new or transfer upper-division business student or for the student interested in concurrently pursuing another area of study. Learning outcomes: - Students use information, analytical tools, and problem-solving skills to make well-reasoned business decisions, considering both quantitative factors and qualitative factors such as ethical considerations. - Students can develop strategies addressing the legal, ethical, economic and global environment in which the enterprise operates. - Student will have a working knowledge in a set of analytical business tools related to: math, statistics, accounting, economics, marketing, finance and behavioral science. - Students can apply business core concepts, principles and analytical skills across functional lines. - Students can access, develop, and use information to analyze business problems and propose feasible solutions. [-]

Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management ( taught in Italian )

University Of Bergamo
Campus Full time 3 years October 2017 Italy Bergamo

OBJECTIVES: To provide the student with: a broad base of business skills to be able to compete in modern and dynamic managerial environment; basic competence in the fields of Business Administration, Management and Economics; main techniques to operate in accounting and tax administration... [+]

OBJECTIVES To provide the student with: a broad base of business skills to be able to compete in modern and dynamic managerial environment basic competence in the fields of Business Administration, Management and Economics main techniques to operate in accounting and tax administration main types of financial transactions paying particular attention to market orientation specific training in corporate finance, involving mathematical and statistical methods and techniques required to solve financial problems a base of computer skills concerning enterprise resource planning and its application in e-business competence in cultural knowledge and professional expertise required for understanding the international business context and its rules. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES In various business areas such as accounting, organization, marketing, production, finance, planning, auditing and tax matters in private, public and no profit organizations. CURRICULA Accounting and Control International Trade and Financial Markets Management ENTRY TESTS There is no selection test for enrolment in the course, but there is a test to ascertain the student's initial level of competences. Students enrolled in the first year of their course are required to have reached a level of proficiency in: English Mathematics Each year, entry tests are held in September. SERVICES OFFERED FOR THE DEGREE COURSE Admission Admission to Italian Universities is possible only if the student holds a Diploma di Maturità ("A" Levels/Higher School Certificate) gained after 5 years at a high school (except for Officer Training Course). On-line courses On the University website, at various courses are available as part of a network teaching programme and may be used as a study aid also by those students who cannot attend lessons on a regular basis. On the e-learning web page of the Department of Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods a course is available showing how on-line tuition works. Tutoring Within the Department of Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods a tutoring service is available, whose aim is to assist students during their course of studies and help solve any problems they may encounter while attending courses. This service is offered by tutors, in collaboration with the various teaching bodies, who will advise and assist students in choosing their plan of studies. Internship Internship is an integrating aspect of the training and teaching activities proposed by the Department of Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods and allow students to obtain a number of credits as specified in their plan of studies. The trainee has the opportunity to gain experience in companies or public institutions and integrate his or her knowledge of the various subjects studied, theoretical know-how and practical skills. Recognized certification English Students who possess the following internationally-recognized certificates: FCE, BEC1, British Chamber of Commerce (Basic), Trinity College (level 7), TOEFL (137-249 points) do not have to take the entrance test and will be admitted directly into the Specialized Language Course. Students who possess one of the following internationally-recognized certificates BEC2, BEC3, CPE, CAE, British Chamber of Commerce (Intermediate/Advanced), Trinity College (level 8-9) TOEFL (250 and over) do not have to take the entrance test and will be awarded 6 credits. Computer Science Students who possess a European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) will be awarded 3 credits and do not have to take the first informatics test which is part of the Computer Science course. [-]

Degree In Administration And Management Technology Companies

Universidad Pontificia De Salamanca
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 Spain Salamanca

The Degree in Administration Technology Business aims to train professionals in related Administration and Business Management and Management Information Systems fields. this one of a new professional profile with strong demand estimate from the labor market is. [+]

Bachelors in Administration in Europe 2017. Titling Degree in Administration and Management Technology Companies It aims to train professionals in related Administration and Business Management and Management Information Systems fields. this one of a new professional profile with strong demand estimate from the labor market is. Computer skills obtained the third highest score among the aspects most valued by employers within the requirements of selection of personnel trained in social sciences. Professional outings The training, which takes place over a period of 4 years, enables students to carry out various functions, including: Defining business requirements Definition of functional requirements Advisory sectoral applications CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Consulting Business Intelligence BI platform installation There is the possibility of completing the Graduate studies in Computer Engineering, so that in two more courses students can achieve two undergraduate degrees. Curriculum 1 Programming Fundamentals Fundamentals of organization and business management Economic history English Mathematics: Algebra and Analysis Business Law Statistics and Probability Done Religious and Christian Faith Introduction to Accounting Microeconomics 2 Financial Accounting Works with development of Quality Indicators Macroeconomy Financial mathematics Programming Financial economics Statistical and econometric methods Fiscal system Database Systems Christian vision of man and society 3 Analysis and Design of Information Systems Commercial address Fundamentals of Software Engineering Introduction to Operating Systems Methods of Decision Making Development and Management Information Systems Financial Management Human Resources Management Project management Integrated Management Systems 4 Management accounting IPO Basics Mobile technologies Ethics and Organizational Behavior Strategic Management Local and Metropolitan Networks Web Services and Platforms Information systems Final Project In 4th, students must take 24 ECTS of electives. Application procedure: Fill in the online form (accessible from You will receive an email in which you explain what documentation must present. Admission criteria: The seats are allocated in order of application. Tuition fees (course 2016-2017): Application square: 500 €. (1) Opening Record: 90 €. (2) Price per year: € 3,960. (3) Price per credit: 66 €. (4) School insurance (mandatory under 28 years): 1.12 €. Payment Methods: The registration fee can be paid in a lump sum or in three installments. Calendar Application and registration: Request place: until 30 September 2016. Registration Period: from May 3 to September 30, 2016. Once admitted, each student will have a term of 21 days to complete their registration within the period previously marked. Advantages of studying in the UPSA Practical training: teaching and practices are mainly taught in classrooms computers. Facilities: large computer equipment are constantly being updated (more than 250 computers). Contents updated: always looking for a solid training adapted to the actual demand of the company. Innovation: training a new professional profile very sued by the company. new title in Spain. Small groups: quality training with personalized service. A tutor for each student. Scholarships: extensive program of scholarships, agreements with foreign companies and universities. [-]

BSc (Hons) International Business

Kent Business School, University of Kent
Campus Full time Part time 3 - 6 years September 2017 United Kingdom Canterbury + 1 more

This programme provides a thorough grounding in business, and specialist knowledge and skills in international business. [+]

Location: Canterbury This programme provides a thorough grounding in business, and specialist knowledge and skills in international business. The modern business environment is increasingly international. Consequently, this programme focuses on core topics that are key for all businesses' success, combined with the study of contemporary issues within the international business environment. You have the option of studying a modern European language, and the opportunity to spend a year in Europe or Asia at one of our partner universities. The programme equips you with the key skills and knowledge essential for managing a business, both domestically and within an international context. It will strongly appeal to students who are considering a future career in international management. Degree Options The International Business programme is a 3 or 4 year honours degree with an optional 3rd year spent at a partner University in Europe or Asia, or in a professional work placement, to enhance your experience and employability. The year abroad will take place between year 2 and 3. It will equip you with an integrated knowledge of the economic, social and cultural environment acquired through language and business study. You will need to choose modules in a European language in order to access the Year in Europe or Asia which will give you a sound understanding of the language and cultures of other regions. Single Honours: BSc (Hons) International Business (N126) BSc (Hons) International Business with a Year Abroad (N127) BSc (Hons) International Business with a Year in Industry (N128) Developing Your Employability We are ranked 20th in the UK for graduating students’ employment prospects according to The Times Good University Guide 2016. The BSc (Hons) International Business degree gives you the academic foundation you need for a career in international business or management. A Kent degree offers students excellent career prospects and graduates consistently have an excellent reputation among employers. Our International Business graduates find work in public and private sector management and consultancy both overseas and in the UK. Graduates from Kent have gone on to take up positions at a wide range of companies and sectors, including Deloittes, KPMG, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Lloyds, Sainsburys PLC, Tesco, Transport for London, Yahoo! UK, Thames Valley Police, Heineken, a wide range of media agencies and management consultancy companies. Other graduates have also gone on to start their own successful business ventures or start-ups. Kent Business School presents a wealth of opportunities for you to gain much more than your valuable business degree. We have strong connections with many global organisations, and provide chances for you to network with them and acquire useful connections to enable you to enhance your student experience and increase your employability. We hold events or activities with such organisations and associations that will also benefit your learning experience and enhance your future career prospects. We provide ideal facilities in an international learning environment for you to forge associations with friends and colleagues whilst at the School and after graduation, as part of the Kent Business School alumni, which will remain with you long after you graduate and may provide assistance in your future career. Organisations who provide placements for your year in industry or year abroad view this scheme as an effective way to find potential new employees, so both schemes give you a definite advantage when it comes to job prospects and really enhance your career prospects. At Kent Business School you will gain many of the key transferable skills employers are looking for. You are taught to analyse critically, think creatively, express your views cogently, manage your time effectively, and work well independently and in groups. Students wishing to study abroad for a year need a minimum average of 60% for Stage 1 and Stage 2, with good attendance and academic standing. Students must complete the Overseas Travel Health Questionnaire, and attend a pre-departure briefing by the Go Abroad team. See the options available by programme. Study abroad places are always subject to availability. [-]

Bachelor in International Business Administration

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Campus Full time 3 years September 2017 Netherlands Amsterdam

The IBA programme at VU Amsterdam will give you the necessary theoretical knowledge to succeed in the marketplace and will introduce you to the practical application of disciplines... [+]

Bachelors in Administration in Europe 2017. International Business Administration: Develop an Integrated Perspective The IBA programme will give you the necessary theoretical knowledge to succeed in the marketplace and will introduce you to the practical application of disciplines that are at the very heart of International Business Administration: Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Organization, Human Resource Management, Logistics and Technology. Our IBA programme will help you develop an integrated perspective to understand and influence international business issues. You will learn to think strategically and gain a balanced overview of diverse and interconnected organizational issues. You will also learn how to make decisions that can affect the various components of an organization. These studies will enable you to bring success to businesses anywhere – and hence also to your own career. Students from over 50 countries across all continents have already come to study in our faculty at VU Amsterdam, which is engaged in world-class research. Through the VU theme of Governance for Society you will connect with your fellow students, VU teachers and researchers to solve international business and societal challenges. The VU Amsterdam IBA curriculum is the result of a co-creation initiative involving four major stakeholders: academics, employers and recruiters, current students and alumni. This has resulted in a uniquely positioned curriculum with the three core elements of people, business and society, a programme that develops leading academics, professionals and citizens. Where will your ambition take you? Future Prospects Graduating from this programme you will earn you the title of Bachelor of Science (BSc) in International Business Administration. Our faculty offers you a broad range of options for continuing your studies after you have completed your Bachelor’s. You may also choose to go straight into the job market; you will have a wide choice. You are most likely to find work in any kind of organization that manages processes or works on performance improvements. You could work in the for-profit or non-profit sector, for a company providing services or products, for a small or large organization, either on the owner side or on the organization side of the business. You could find work in various disciplines you have been trained in, such as Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Organization, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management and Technology. The IBA programme is also an excellent start for those who want to launch their own business, because you will have gained an understanding of organizations, business principles and their underlying structure. Study Programme The IBA is a full-time, English-taught programme that takes three years to complete. A year has six periods. During most periods you will work intensively on two courses simultaneously. Outside of class you will work on assignments in student teams. You will combine in-depth business subjects with academic skills, research methods and personal development, all with an international orientation. For all third-year IBA students who meet the exchange criteria there is a mandatory exchange semester in autumn. Admission Requirements VU Amsterdam’s aim is to make the IBA student population a balanced mix of international and Dutch students. IBA is therefore a 'numerus fixus' study programme. This means a maximum of 200 students per year will be allowed to start. To ensure an international study environment, international candidates are given priority in the selection. - A diploma equivalent to a Dutch VWO diploma; - Proof of sufficient proficiency in English; - International experience (not compulsory); - Motivation letter, CV and Reference letter. [-]

Business Management

Universidad CEU - Cardenal Herrera
Campus Full time Part time 4 years September 2017 Spain Valencia + 1 more

General skills: Students acquire an ethical commitment to society in carrying out its activities .; students acquire skills in the use of Information Technology and Communication; that students acquire the ability to work independently to ensure they are entrepreneurs in their activities. [+]

Business Management OFFICIAL TITLE: Degree in Business Administration DURATION / ECTS: 4 years / 240 ECTS SEATS / CAMPUS: 65 / Moncada - Alfara; 15 / Elche PLACE AT: Spanish LEARNING OUTCOMES general skills CG1. Students acquire an ethical commitment to society in carrying out their activities. CG2. Students acquire skills in the use of Information Technology and Communication. CG3. Students acquire the ability to work independently to ensure they are entrepreneurs in their activities. Specific skills The titled / ace in the Degree of Business Administration from the University CEU Cardenal Herrera, should be able to demonstrate relevant knowledge and understanding of organizations, the environment in which they operate and how they are managed and directed. It is important to emphasize understanding and responding to change and to forecast future of the same. Specifically, the Degree in Business Management at the University CEU Cardenal Herrera, the development of specific competencies pursued following: CE1. Ability to identify, formulate and solve problems by applying professional standards and understanding the competitive and institutional location of the organization identifying their strengths and weaknesses. CE2. Ability to manage and run a business efficiently in terms of time, motivation, behavior and change management to adapt to business intoned. CE3. Ability to perform critical analysis in quantitative and qualitative terms, including data analysis, interpretation and extrapolation to the specific business reality. EC4. Listening skills, negotiation, persuasion and effective written communication using traditional media in the business world such as the preparation and reporting on specific business situations and markets. CE5. Ability to use information technologies applied to the company and identify sources of relevant economic information and its content. CE6. Leadership and entrepreneurship, as well as the ability to run a business and being part of teams. EC7. Self-criticism and sensitivity to the diversity of people, cultures and businesses. JOB Professional outings Business Management falls within the so-called social sciences and therefore has connection with qualifications related to the field of law, economics or industrial relations. The Graduate in Business Administration can perform their activity within the public administration, private enterprise or through the free exercise of the profession being empowered to perform the following professional activities: Administration, Organization and Management Arbitration and judicial proceedings Audit of Accounts financial advice accounting advice tax consultancy Consultancy teaching statistical and economic, accounting and financial documentation. Economists education Health economists economists urbanists Economists environment Economists for NGOs and development cooperation Business Informatics Research and Business planning, marketing techniques, foreign trade Selection and integration of personnel, working methods and administrative streamlining actuarial systems and risk Data processing and management of business information Without being exhaustive in the list of career opportunities in relation to the activities for which is authorized an economist, we can point the following main areas: Teaching and research (in public and private institutions) Company (public or private) I officialdom Free exercise of the profession International organizations What makes us different? 1. Employability student in the center We obsess the student jump into work in the best conditions. Therefore, our curriculum is connected to the employability of the future: internationalization, innovation and creativity in the management and strategic direction of resources. 2. The international dimension free additional training in English from first to fourth to improve the starting level. Subjects within the curriculum that reinforce language proficiency: taught in English or English for technical use. International Exchanges: with our coordinated Erasmus mobility in several European countries, so you can study a semester or course in another country program. Opportunities for international practices. 3. Direct contact with the profession Because we understand that in order to become a good manager in the company you should be in touch from first with the best professionals. Therefore, we articulate your training from two key milestones: We have visiting professors, key organizations relevant professionals who come each year to share their experience with students. Throughout the degree also visits other educational activities are scheduled in companies to make contact with the reality of each sector. 4. The case method We use this method as a tool for cross-learning: It applies in all courses from first grade. They are involved all the subjects taught throughout the course. So the student becomes aware of the importance of each of the subjects taught him and the interrelationship between them. Visits are scheduled to companies under study and discussions with those responsible for them. 5. Double grades doubles specialist degrees You can take while two university degrees with compatible schedules, with all classrooms in the same facilities and, of course, without paying twice. So are doubles specialist degrees from the University in double degrees. Management + Law Business Management + Marketing [-]

Bachelor's programme in Business Administration

Radboud University
Campus Full time 3 years September 2017 Netherlands Nijmegen

An academic Bachelor’s programme focussing on the management of companies and organisations operating in global markets and on the effects of culture and communication. [+]

Bachelors in Administration in Europe 2017. During this three-year programme, you will learn all aspects of international business from a social perspective. In Nijmegen, the programme focusses on the cooperation between people involved in the organization and with the outside world, instead of other Business programmes with a financial or technical focus. After first common year, providing you with a thorough introduction to the field and to research methodology, you will have to choose from three tracks to continue your studies in the second year. You will have to choose from Business Administration, Business Economics or International Business Administration. In all tracks, there are close links with companies and professionals, to ensure a link with the practice of businesses. Studying abroad is encouraged and even obligatory in the track International Business Administration. Attention for social processes While other business administration programmes focus on economics or technology, the Nijmegen business administration programme focuses on studying social processes in organisations. The accent is on how social processes affect the behaviour in and of organisations, and how they impact the performance and the realisation of organizational goals. This is especially important for today’s world where organisations need new insights to deal with the increasing diversity in employees, consumers and markets. Going abroad The Nijmegen School of Management, the faculty that offers Business Administration, maintains a network of over 150 partner universities all over the world. This will enable you to get even more intercultural experience and an excellent preparation for an international career! Programme outline The Business Administration programme starts every year in September and takes three years to complete. It is characterized by its small-scale education and a personal approach. The lecturers are easily accessible: they will know you personally after a while and they are always willing to help you with any questions you might have. Through its focus on social processes, the courses in Business Administration include bits and pieces of the fields psychology, sociology and communication. You will study all aspects of Business Administration, such as Strategic Management, Marketing, Organisation Structures, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, etc. This range of courses is completed by courses specifically offered in the track of your choice. Due to the fact that Radboud University is a research university, you will also take on some courses in research methodology and you will finish your Bachelor’s studies with a Bachelor’s Thesis. The Bachelor’s programme is the best preparation for a Master’s specialization in Business Administration at Radboud University, and you will have guaranteed access to one after completing the Bachelor’s programme. Career prospects Graduates of this track often find employment all over the world, in fields varying from financial institutions and the business world to non-profit organizations and governments. Graduates are well-qualified for filling managerial positions in the international business world, at consultancies, and in government. Many graduates combine consultancy and research tasks into one career. One graduate becomes an entrepreneur, whereas another may opt for a career as policy advisor, manager, or business consultant. Study association Synergy Synergy is the study association for Business Administration students. Synergy has approximately 2000 members and is consequently one of the largest student associations in Nijmegen. Synergy aims to provide the best possible service to its members by pursuing the following objectives: - to bridge the gap between theory and practice; - to establish contacts between students; - to promote the interests of Business Administration students Admission requirements Your previous education will be assessed on individual basis to determine whether it is of sufficient level. If the level is sufficient, then you could be directly admissible or additional conditions may apply (such as taking an English or Mathematics test). Please check for more information about the requirements concerning previous education and English language certificates. Language requirements You should have sufficient proficiency in English. This requirement is fulfilled when you meet one of the following conditions: obtained a Dutch VWO diploma; obtained a German Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife, including Grundkurs or Leistungskurs Englisch in the Abitur; obtained an International Baccalaureate diploma; obtained a European Baccalaureate diploma, in which at least the course English Language 1 has been taken; obtained a diploma in which English has been part of the final examinations from European countries mentioned in the list of diplomas (pdf, 507 kB); obtained a diploma equivalent to or higher than the Dutch VWO level by completing education at an institution in one of the member states of the EU/EEA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the United States of America, where the language of instruction is English; you are a citizen of Australia, Canada (with exception of Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, or the USA. Students who do not meet one of the above conditions must satisfy one of the following conditions: obtained an IELTS Academic certificate with a result of at least 6.0 on the overall band, as well as on all four sub-bands; obtained a TOEFL iBT certificate with a total score of at least 80, as well as scores of at least 20 on all four parts; obtained a Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English with a mark of at least C; obtained a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English with a mark of at least C. Selection procedure There are only 60 places available in this track. Therefore, only the applications of students who are admissible or conditionally admissible are included in a selection procedure. Based on the documents submitted, you can be selected for direct admission, be placed on a reserve list, or be refused admission. You will be informed about the selection result within four weeks after the receipt of all required documents. Please find out how to apply and what documents to send at Application and enrolment. The selection is based on a review of the letter of motivation and CV, high school grades (in particular Mathematics and English) and level of proficiency in English. Letter of motivation In the letter of motivation, you should introduce yourself, explain why you would like to study IBA and why you think you are suited for it. The letter of motivation should not exceed two pages of A4-paper. [-]