Bachelor programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management


Program Description


Tourism and Hospitality Management - professional Bachelor’s study programme


  • Every year ~200 students of tourism spend their summers outside Latvia, by having traineeships in tourism companies in different countries.
  • The only study programme in the Northern Europe, which is appraised by UN WTO, has been assigned the highest quality assessment in tourism education world – TedQual certificate.

Professional bachelor's study programme Tourism and Hospitality Management has obtained for the fourth time the prestigious UNWTO – UN World Tourism Organization TedQual accreditation to the maximum possible term – four years, until the year 2018.

PROGRAMME IS ACCREDITED until the year 2019 - TedQual Certificate (from UN WTO)

DEGREE: Professional Bachelor's degree in business Administration

QUALIFICATION: Manager of enterprises and institutions


STUDY PROGRAMME: in English or Latvian


  • the obtained degree allows you to manage lodgings for the night, catering company or tourism agency;
  • knowledge obtained in the study programme will be useful in order to become an expert in hospitality services in a hotel or a manager of a leisure and entertainment company;
  • when working as travel consultant or organizer of a tourism agency, you can demonstrate your competences in tourism area and geography, and customer service skills, as well;
  • if you like planning and administration, you can work in state and municipality institutions;
  • if you are good at customer service and interested in intercultural communication, work in tourism and hospitality enterprises is for you!

TRAINEESHIP in Latvian or foreign tourism and hospitality companies in all study years.



  • In the 1st Academic Year, you will be introduced to the basic work principles of the world’s fastest-growing industry – tourism. In this academic year students become aware of the versatility and comprehensive nature of tourism industry and acquire the principles of catering services. You will learn to work in international environment, learn foreign languages and social psychology.
  • In the 2nd Academic Year, you will learn the principles of business management –from the general business management and economic principles to legal framework of business. Acquired knowledge will help you to start your own business. Knowledge acquired in this course is necessary both establishing business and being employee.
  • In the 3rd Academic Year, you will find out the current trends in tourism economics and globalization, you will acquire marketing of services and international tourism and develop a real tourism marketing project. Business management is impossible without ability to plan and manage company finances; therefore, you will acquire both principles of accountancy and tax system.
  • In the 4th Academic Year, the focus is on understanding of world tourism market regularities. You will improve your knowledge on significance of globalization processes in tourism and hospitality industry and you will find out why corporate responsibility is now realized in the world and attention is paid to sustainability; you will also develop skills to work in e-environment. In the development of diploma paper you will apply all acquired knowledge in this or previous courses.


1st Academic Year

  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Catering organizing and services
  • Tourism agencies and information systems
  • Hotel service organization
  • Information technologies
  • English and second foreign language by choice – German, French, Spanish or Russian
  • Social psychology
  • Internet technologies
  • Research paper
  • Traineeship

2nd Academic Year

  • Travel arrangements and management
  • Civil protection
  • Economics
  • Business activities in tourism
  • Commercial law
  • English and second foreign language by choice – German, French, Spanish or Russian
  • Tourism geography
  • Management
  • Computer graphics and layout design
  • Management of catering company
  • Culture of Latvia and Baltic states
  • Tourism logistics
  • Language and intercultural communication
  • Hotel management systems
  • Research paper
  • Traineeship

3rd Academic Year

  • Financial management
  • Bookkeeping and taxes
  • Services and tourism marketing
  • History of world culture
  • Human resources management
  • Political science
  • Tourism economics and globalization
  • Management of tourism projects
  • Research of tourism and market
  • Business etiquette and communication in hospitality
  • Languages, cultures and ethics
  • Research paper
  • Traineeship

4th Academic Year

  • Tourism planning and management
  • E-commerce
  • Philosophy
  • Corporative responsibility and sustainability
  • Rural tourism
  • Advertising language and e-communication technologies
  • International law
  • Pre-diploma traineeship
  • State examination – diploma paper

Content of the study programme during studies can be updated and changed on the base of labour market requirements and regulations of the Minister Cabinet*.

Content of the study programmes may differ on the base of study mode**.

Last updated Nov 2019

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Turiba University has received recognition of employers and ranked in the top position of the most recognized universities. 99.61% of graduates are employed – it is the highest employment rate among Latvian universities, furthermore, more than 80% university students is working during their studies. Read less