Bachelor programme in Business Administration


Program Description

Business Administration – Professional Bachelor's study programme


  • Traineeships in the leading companies of the field.
  • 99% of European companies are small and medium enterprises, managers of which are trained in Turiba
  • Each fourth or ¼ of Business management graduates is business owners.
  • The amount of billionaires in the world is increasing recently


DEGREE: Professional Bachelor's degree in Business Administration

QUALIFICATION: Manager of enterprises or institutions

DURATION OF STUDIES: 3 or 4 Academic Years

STUDY PROGRAMME: in English or Latvian


  • you can apply acquired knowledge if you want to start your own business;
  • if you wish to work for a company established by another person, you can apply for the position of middle or higher level manager in a Latvian or foreign company;
  • in the same way, you have an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge working as project manager, manager of various structural units or to be finance director if money matters are your strong point.

TRAINEESHIPS in the leading companies of the field.


What Will You Learn in This Study Programme?

  • In the 1st Academic Year, you will acquire the basics of economic theory and get thorough information on market development trends and processes influencing this process. You will comprehend the national economy and each company’s role in the promotion of economy; you will also acquire the nature of business management.
  • In the 2nd Academic Year, the academic staff will provide you with thorough and qualitative information on how to start your business and how to carry out marketing activities most effectively. In this academic year, you will comprehend the nature of cash flow and factors influencing company profit. You will learn how to do bookkeeping correctly and not make a mistake in tax calculations, also you will find out the role of management psychology in entrepreneurship.
  • In the 3rd Academic Year, you will have an opportunity to acquire specific elements of a particular field in which you are interested in, for instance, time management, consumers’ behaviour in market and creation of company image. Under the supervision of professional academic staff, you will obtain information on quality management, financial management and other important issues of business management.
  • In the 4th Academic Year, you will acquire elements of strategic planning in order to organize the future of your company in long-term. Similarly, at the end of the studies you will find out how to manage company risks, you will figure out the nature of project management and strengthen all acquired knowledge by developing and defending your diploma paper.

Content of the Study Programme

1st Academic Year

  • Civil protection
  • Econometrics
  • Financial mathematics
  • Information technology
  • Applied foreign language
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Human resources management
  • Management
  • Research paper

2nd Academic Year

  • Financial accounting
  • Commercial law
  • Applied foreign language
  • Marketing
  • Taxes
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management psychology
  • Research paper
  • Traineeship

Optional courses of study

  • Marketing research
  • Sales management
  • Recording economic activities
  • Management accountancy

3rd Academic Year

  • Philosophy
  • Finance management
  • Quality management
  • Political science and sociological researches
  • Research paper
  • Practice

Optional courses of study

  • Finances and credit
  • Team building
  • Couching
  • Time management
  • Complex of marketing communication
  • Consumers’ behaviour in market
  • International marketing
  • Creation of company image
  • Business ethics
  • Office work
  • Logistics

4th Academic Year

  • Business deals
  • Project management
  • Risk management
  • International business environment
  • Strategic management
  • Pre-diploma practice
  • State examination – diploma paper

Content of the study programme during studies can be updated and changed on the base of labour market requirements and regulations of the Minister Cabinet*.

Content of the study programmes may differ on the base of study mode**.

Last updated Aug 2019

About the School

Turiba University has received recognition of employers and ranked in the top position of the most recognized universities. 99.61% of graduates are employed – it is the highest employment rate among L ... Read More

Turiba University has received recognition of employers and ranked in the top position of the most recognized universities. 99.61% of graduates are employed – it is the highest employment rate among Latvian universities, furthermore, more than 80% university students is working during their studies. Read less