Bachelor of Theology and Religious Studies (Leuven)


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Program Description

What is the program all about?

There is no doubt that those who enroll for a Bachelor’s from Leuven will be profoundly introduced into the study of Christianity and the world religions. This solid basis will be laid with the aid of challenging lectures, interactive seminars in small groups, and personal guidance in the writing of papers and essays. The program can be followed on a full-time or part-time basis.

This bachelor program prepares for a more specialized study in the Research Master or the Master of Theology and Religious Studies.

The Faculty also offers a reduced program: the Abridged Bachelor of Theology and Religious Studies (between 45 to 120 ECTS). This reduced program varies from candidate to candidate and takes into account each candidate’s previous academic formation.


The research master’s program attracts students from all over the world, which adds a valuable intercultural element to your experience. All of the Faculty’s programs are taught in both Dutch and English and are open to students of every nationality. The Faculty currently has students from more than sixty countries and thus from virtually every part of the globe. We also encourage students to participate in exchange programs that allow them to spend a semester abroad. The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies has 89 agreements in 26 different countries.


  • Study at a faculty with a rich history and a tradition of excellence going back to its founding in 1432.
  • Receive instruction engendering a reflective, scientifically-based, methodological application of theology and religious studies.
  • Be part of a diverse and knowledgeable student body.

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Last updated Aug 2020

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