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Technical Education At Crandall

The Bachelor of Technical Education Degree (B.T.Ed.) is an innovative program designed to combine your previous technical skills and training with 21st century teacher training. If you have a background in areas like Business Technology, ICT, Culinary Arts, Interior Design, Trades, or Hospitality and want to work in a school setting, then this is the program for you.

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Technical Education degree, you will be eligible to apply for a Level 4 Teaching Certificate from the New Brunswick Department of Education.

Special Program Highlights for a Bachelor of Technical Education

Our Bachelor of Technical Education graduates hold a strong reputation around the world. Often they are specifically requested for internship placement in places such as China and Australia.

Technical Education professors stay abreast of current literature and methodology discussed in professional journals so our students learn the very latest techniques and approaches. Students learn to use the latest classroom technology including such resources as Smart boards, student response systems, digital document cameras and infrared classroom sound amplification.

The program includes 18 weeks in the classroom – 2 weeks of observation and 16 consecutive weeks of actual teaching experience. Students complete their first semester coursework before they are in a classroom so they can get maximum benefit from their observations.


What to expect when you graduate

Crandall’s Bachelor of Technical Education program has an excellent reputation in the public schools, which often translates into job offers shortly after graduation. Graduates of our program have gone on to teach in public schools, community colleges and at international institutions.

Entry Requirements

Students must complete the courses listed below to receive their Bachelor of Technical Education degree.

I. Foundations of Education

A foundation of 21 credit hours is required as follows:

  • ED3213/3223 – Theory and Practice: Secondary/Elementary
  • ED3313/3323 – Instructional and Learning Processed: Elementary/Secondary
  • ED4023 – Educational Foundations
  • ED4103 – Educational Psychology: Inclusionary Practices
  • ED4313 – Building Inclusive Classrooms or equivalent

II. Areas of Study

A minimum of 24 credit hours is required as follows:

  • ED3453 – Adolescent Development or equivalent
  • ED3163 – Writing in Different Genres
  • ED3783 – Collaborative Team Dynamics or equivalent
  • ED3423 – Technology in Education
  • ED3353 – Project Based Learning & Differentiated Instruction or equivalent
  • ED3713 – The Teacher’s Role in Literacy or equivalent
  • ED3373 – Assessment, Feedback & Reporting
  • ED3383 – Learning Competencies & Curriculum Mapping

III. Field Practicum Program

  • D5118 – Technical Education Internship

IV. Bible-oriented Religious Studies

Bible-oriented Religious Studies courses (6 credit hours) are required of students in order to meet Crandall’s equivalency requirements.

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Academic excellence very quickly became a hallmark of the new school, and many people gave sacrificially to expand the facilities and the programs.

Academic excellence very quickly became a hallmark of the new school, and many people gave sacrificially to expand the facilities and the programs. Read less