Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons)


Program Description

The Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons), B.S.E. aims to prepare highly skilled graduates with the necessary knowledge, principles, and skills in developing new and innovative solutions for many industries.

Graduates will be empowered with the knowledge and understanding of user requirements in analyzing, modeling, designing, and developing large-scale software systems that are reliable and robust. Such Software Engineering (S.E.) specialists will be able to respond to the ever-growing impact of large-scale software systems in a wide range of situations, as well as to the increased importance in safety-critical and mission-critical applications. Furthermore, their training will enable them to select the most appropriate and reliable techniques for producing quality software systems on time and within budget.

Internship, which has a duration between 3 and 6 months and a capstone project are incorporated into the program. Students will be equipped to meet these challenges with the technical content gained as well as the practical aspect of architecture design, software development, software processes, software project management, software testing and software maintenance issues.

This program includes the Certified Tester Foundation Level (C.T.F.L.) professional certification which incorporates software testing components within the curriculum of this degree program. The C.T.F.L. is a globally accredited software testing professional certification fully accredited by the Malaysian Software Testing Board (M.S.T.B.), the national body representing the industry interests in promoting Software Quality Assurance (S.Q.A.) and software testing as core competencies in the development of software-dependent quality products and services. This industry-linked certificate will be an added advantage for the students, making them highly employable graduates.

This degree is validated by Lancaster University and upon the successful completion of the program, graduates are awarded two certificates; one from Sunway University and another from Lancaster University.


January, March & August


3 Years (full-time)

Career Prospects

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Tester
  • Software Architect
  • Game Developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • System Designer
  • IT Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Software Quality Assurance Officer
  • Enterprise Distributed Application Developer


  • English for Computer Technology Studies
  • Programming Principles
  • Computer Mathematics
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals
  • Computer Organisation
  • Web Fundamentals
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Software Engineering
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Communication Skills
  • Operating System Fundamentals
  • Requirement Engineering
  • Computer Networks
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Social and Professional Responsibilities
  • Software Processes
  • Computer Security
  • Software Architecture and Design Pattern
  • Software Management
  • Software Testing
  • Software Evolution and Maintenance
  • Internship
  • Capstone Project 1
  • Capstone Project 2

Entry Requirement

  • STPM: Average C+ or CGPA 2.33 (minimum 2 Principals)
  • A Level: Points are calculated based on grades obtained for 2 or 3 subjects - minimum 12 points
  • Australian Matriculation: ATAR 60
  • Canadian Matriculation: 60%
  • MUFY: 60%
  • Sunway Foundation in Arts: CGPA 2.3
  • Sunway Foundation in Science and Technology: CGPA 2.3
  • UEC: Maximum 26 points from 5 subjects (all Grade Bs including Mathematics)
  • IB: Completed with minimum 25 points (excluding bonus points)
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