Bachelor of Social Work (Hons)


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Program Description

Aims of the Programme

The Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) aims to develop students' knowledge, skills and professional values in social work so that the graduates can effectively meet the social service needs of the community in a flexible, realistic, creative and professional, yet caring manner. Graduates of our BSW (Hons) programme are recognized by most professional bodies at the international level. They can register as Registered Social Workers (RSW) with the Social Workers Registration Board in Hong Kong.

Fieldwork practice is an integral part of social work education, and local fieldwork placement is available in the following six major areas: Family Service, School Social Work, Youth Work, Community Work, Rehabilitation Service and Elderly Service. Both Government and Non-governmental organizations provide fieldwork placements for our students. Listed below are some examples:

  1. Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service
  2. Caritas–Hong Kong
  3. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
  4. Po Leung Kuk
  5. The Boys’ Brigade, Hong Kong
  6. Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
  7. New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
  8. The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong
  9. Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong
  10. Society of Boys’ Centres
  11. Youth Outreach
  12. HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre
  13. Concerning CSSA Review Alliance
  14. Community Development Alliance
  15. Neighborhood and Worker's Service Centre
  16. Christian Family Service Centre
  17. Kowloon City Baptist Church Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
  18. The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong
  19. Hong Kong Christian Service
  20. Hong Kong Family Welfare Society
  21. Hong Kong Playground Association
  22. The Hong Kong Society for the Blind
  23. Methodist Social Service
  24. Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council
  25. Social Welfare Department
  26. St. James’ Settlement
  27. Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Social Work Core Block Components

Four core blocks make up the basic components of the social work major: Human Behaviour & Social Environment, Social Work Theory & Practice, Social Policy, Research & Administration, and Fieldwork.

Courses within each block have been placed in a pedagogical sequence starting with basic theories and skills and moving progressively towards the acquisition of more advanced and specialized knowledge and practice to prepare students for social work service and graduate studies.

Overseas placement

It has always been the department's aspiration that students may have the opportunity to have fieldwork placement overseas. We also believe that the experience of working with people in places other than Hong Kong and in different welfare systems can provide students alternative knowledge and skills. This knowledge and skills will certainly benefit the students as well as fellow classmates in the department. The Department awards Ada S.H. Li Social Work Practicum Scholarship to support final year students to have overseas placements in Beijing, Taiwan and Canada, etc.


Applicants must satisfy both the general university requirements and the special requirements of the programme. For details, please go to

In addition to a good academic record, applicants are encouraged to have good participation in extra-curriculum activities, strong motivation, clear purposes to study social work, and good relevant voluntary and/or paid work experience. Moreover, factors such as values, attitudes, personality, maturity, self-understanding, concern for public affairs, analytical and problem-solving ability are important for admission consideration.


The tuition fee of full-time undergraduate programmes for 2020-21 is HK$42,100 for local students and HK$140,000 for non-local students* respectively. Fees are to be paid in two equal instalments. (Currency conversion rate: US$1= HK$7.8)

Reasons for Choosing Hong Kong as a Study Destination

1.Be part of the “Chinese Adventure” with a Western heritage

2.Learning Chinese language and culture

3.Exciting and vibrant city with lots to do

4.Many multinational corporations based in Hong Kong

5.Window to China

6.Gateway to Southeast Asia

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