Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Services


Program Description

Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Services

Clayton State’s baccalaureate (BS) program in Psychology and Human Services is firmly grounded in the discipline of psychology while at the same time stressing realistic career opportunities in human services fields for the bachelor’s degree graduate. The curriculum design allows students to integrate the disciplines of psychology, sociology, social services, youth services, health care, nonprofit management, multicultural studies, education, and business, into an academic and experiential program that will prepare graduates for vocations in diverse areas of the helping professions. The curriculum capitalizes on Clayton State University’s information technology expertise to ensure that students will graduate with highly marketable computer skills in database management, electronic forms, and other software applications appropriate to the field.

The distinctive nature of Clayton State’s Psychology and Human Services program is its clear focus on employment for the technologically competent baccalaureate graduate. Existing psychology programs tend to have a primary focus on the traditional pattern of preparing students for graduate school. For those programs, preparation for entry-level careers is an acknowledged but secondary concern. Consistent with its mission, Clayton State University’s new program reverses these more typical priorities by emphasizing entry-level professional opportunities in human services fields as the focus of the program.

Though the Clayton State University program's focus is on human services, graduates will find career opportunities in many fields. Expected placements include local, state, national, and international public and private nonprofit social service agencies, facilities, and organizations including youth service organizations, drug treatment centers, penal institutions, halfway houses, and senior centers. Some potential occupations for the B.S. graduate include caseworker, therapist, intake administrator, rehabilitation counselor, probation counselor, youth guidance staff, organizational administrator, and fundraiser. The degree will also prepare students for graduate work in psychology, community counseling, social work, and related fields. (Even though immediate employment will constitute the primary tone of the major, psychology department heads at several other institutions have reviewed our tentative curriculum and confirmed that it would provide an adequate foundation for advanced study at their universities.)

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department of Psychology is to provide an innovative blend of theory, research, and application that prepares students for immediate employment and graduate school. Excellence in instruction, preparation for working with diverse populations, and a focus on ethics are hallmarks of our programs.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply the major concepts, findings, and theoretical perspectives of psychology.
  2. Evaluate research critically and apply research methodologies used in psychology.
  3. Demonstrate effective, professional oral and written communication skills both individually and with groups.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and career opportunities for those with psychology-related degrees.
  5. Apply the ethical standards set forth by the American Psychological Association.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of individual and cultural differences and their influences on beliefs, values, and interactions with others.
  7. Interact effectively with people of diverse abilities, backgrounds, and cultural perspectives.

Internship Information

All Psychology and Human Services majors are required to completed *one* internship and have the option to complete a second internship, as part of their overall curriculum. While the PSYC 4490 and PSYC 4500 internship courses do typically have seven on-campus meetings a term, the majority of the time commitment for these courses is 150 hours on-site at the internship location.

Last updated Aug 2020

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