Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


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Program Description

Traditionally, mechanical engineers have been involved in fields as diverse as aeronautics, biomechanics, environmental science, manufacturing, power generation, and robotics to name just a few. However, as national and global needs change, engineers are being asked to apply their problem-solving skills to address medical, business, and policy issues that confront our society.

A broad and well-rounded foundation

The mechanical engineering program includes a strong general education component, traditional engineering science courses, exposure to manufacturing processes and automation, and multi-course sequences to provide proficiency in Thermal and Mechanical system design. We provide our students with a broad and well-rounded educational foundation and stress the necessity to engage in lifelong educational efforts to cope with the ever-changing landscape of science and technology.

Course Requirements

Required General Education

Call Number Course Hours
ENG 1003 Composition I 3
ENG 1013 Composition II 3
ENG 2013 World Literature since 1660 3
COM 1203 Oral Communication 3
ART 2503 Fine Arts Visual 3
HIST 2773
POSC 2103
U.S. History since 1876 OR
Introduction to U.S. Government
CHEM 1023, 1011 General Chemistry I and Laboratory 4
MATH 2214 Calculus I 3
MATH 2214 Calculus II 3
MATH 2214 Calculus III 3
PHYS 2034 University Physics I 3

Mechanical Engineering Courses

Call Number Course Hours
CHEM 1023 General Chemistry II 3
ENGR 1402 Concepts Of Engineering 2
ENGR 1412 Software Applications For Engineers 2
ENGR 2423 & ENGR 2421 Electric Circuits I & Lab 4
ENGR 2421 Applied Engineering Statistics 1
ENGR 2401 Statics 1
ENGR 2413 & ENGR 2411 Mechanics Of Materials & Lab 4
ENGR 3423 Dynamics 3
ENGR 3443 Engineering Thermodynamics 3
ENGR 3473 & 3471 Fluid Mechanics & Lab 4
ENGR 4453 Numerical Methods For Engineers 3
ENGR 3433 Engineering Economics 3
ENGR 4463 Senior Design I 3
ENGR 4401 Senior Seminar 1
ENGR 4482 Senior Design II 2
ME 2502 Solid Modeling for Mechanical Engineers 2
ME 3504 Process Monitoring And Control 4
ME 3513 Mechanical Vibrations 3
ME 3533 Engineering Thermodynamics II 3
ME 3613 Control Systems For Mechanical Engineers 3
ME 4503 Fluid And Thermal Energy Systems 3
ME 4543 Machine Design 3
ME 4553 Heat Transfer 3
ME 4563 Introduction To Manufacturing Processes 3
ME 4573 Mechanical System Design 3
MATH 4403 Differential Equations 3
Three courses of mechanical engineering electives 9
One science elective 3

Admission Requirements

Academic Criteria

2.75/4.0 minimum required Grade Point Average (G.P.A.)


8/10 minimum required Mexico Promedio

Students with a GPA of 2.3 to 2.74 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

High School Transcript

Applicants must provide an official copy of their high school transcript. The transcript should have the original stamp from the issuing authority.

SAT Score

A minimum SAT score is not required to be admitted, but the SAT will be used for academic placement. If you have not taken the SAT, you will need to take a placement exam the first semester of your freshmen year.

English Proficiency

Incoming undergraduate students must meet one of the following criteria:

Requirement Minimum Proficiency Type
80% or above Completion of A-State’s ESL Program
Completion Certificate CEA Accredited Language Program
500 TOEFL-Paper Based*
61 TOEFL-Internet Based*
5.5 IELTS*
43 PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic)
4 iTEP Academic*
B2 Level Cambridge FCE
550 SAT scores (total, and on reading and writing sections)
21 ACT scores (total, and on reading and English sections)
60% in English at X and XII in Certificate High School Marks (India and Pakistan)
5, 6 or 7 on English: Literature or Language & Literature IB (International Baccalaureate)
Completed two years in an English-speaking country and graduated High School Graduate from USA, UK, Canada (except Quebec), Australia and New Zealand

*Test scores must come from the testing provider, such as TOEFL, iTEP, IELTS. A-State CQ’s code is 6011.

Non-Mexico Residents

The admission requirements for Non-Mexico residents will be released soon.

Cost & Fees

The fee for room and meals for campus residents is $10,990 MXN + IVA (taxes) per month.

Last updated Apr 2019

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