Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communication


Program Description

Through their course work, students undertaking Communications to explore the many ways media impacts the individual and society, locally and internationally. Students are provided with a solid academic background that promotes written and critical thinking skills, as well as theoretical and applied knowledge. Internships are an integral part of the curriculum. Through actual work experience during the program, students are better prepared for their future professions. Possible internship roles include those in cinema, TV and radio production, advertising and marketing activities, as well as written and online press production — plus much more.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop a basic comprehension of theories and concepts in the field of Communication;
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the core ethical values underlying best practices in the production of media (marketing communication, internet studies, digital journalism, digital film making);
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the research methods used in the many fields of Communication;
  4. Articulate the complexity of media’s place in society and culture;
  5. Communicate effectively in written form within the conventions of communication as a discipline, and;
  6. Demonstrate the critical inquiry and analysis skills needed to engage constructively in intellectual discourse within Communication as a field of study and profession.

Marketing Communication is a program consisting of courses in the area of Marketing and Communications, with 126 required credits for a Bachelor’s Degree, 65 of which are completed in the first two years.

The program offers students general requirements, as well as elective courses that coincide with students’ interests, which students themselves can choose together with the Dean of Students. In order to successfully complete the program in four years, students must also partake in a 12-credit internship program.

CIS/Endicott Students in Spain can complete the four-year International Business, American Bachelor’s Degree program entirely in Madrid, earning an official Endicott College degree, or opt to complete the final two years at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, or any other American college or university in the world.

Curriculum Requirements

  • General Education Core Requirements (6 credits)
    • ENG 111 Critical Reading & Writing I – 3 credits
    • ENG 112 Critical Reading & Writing II – 3 credits
  • Individual and Society (3 credits)
    • PSY 100 Psychology – 3 credits
  • Global Issues (3 credits)
    • International Studies Course – 3 credits
  • Literary Perspectives (3 credits)
    • ENG 102 Introduction to Literature – 3 credits
  • Values and Ethical Reasoning (3 credits)
    • PHL 104 Ethics – 3 credits
  • Aesthetic Awareness and Creative Expression (3 credits)
    • ART 102 Visual Art and Cultural Values II – 3 credits
  • Quantitative Reasoning (3 credits)
    • One Math Course – 3 credits
  • Science and Technology (3 credits)
    • ENV 150 Environmental Issues – 3 credits
  • World Cultures (3 credits)
    • One World Culture Course – 3 credits
  • Free Electives (12 credits)
    • ENG 103 Speech – 3 credits
    • BUS 110 Computers – 3 credits
    • ENG 106 English Communication – 3 credits
    • IST 215 The New Europe – 3 credits
  • Communication Requirements (21 credits)
    • BUS 120 Business Fundamentals I – 3 credits
    • BUS 200 Marketing – 3 credits
    • CMM 106 Media & Culture I – 3 credits
    • CMM 103 Advertising Fundamentals – 3 credits
    • CMM 203 Public Relations – 3 credits
    • CMM 107 Media & Culture II – 3 credits
    • CMM 306 Social Impact of the Media – 3 credits
    • GD 105 Introduction to Computer Graphics – 3 credits
    • BUS 270 Communication in Business – 3 credits
    • CMM 207 Writing for the Media – 3 credits
    • CMM 370 Communication Research Methods – 3 credits
    • BUS 415 Business Negotiation – 3 credits
    • CMM 204 Promotional Writing – 3 credits
    • CMM 312 Strategic Media Planning – 3 credits
    • CMM 379 Semester Internship Strategies – 1 credit
    • CMM 335 Social Media and Marketing – 3 credits
    • CMM 380 Media Ethics – 3 credits
    • BUS 320 Organizational Behavior – 3 credits
    • BUS 450 Dynamics of Leadership – 3 credits
    • CMM 405 Campaign Planning and Client Services – 3 credits
    • CMM 415 Creative Portfolio Development – 3 credits
    • BUS 320 Sales Management – 3 credits
  • Senior Thesis Project (6 credits)
    • CMM 489 Senior Thesis I – 3 credits
    • CMM 490 Senior Thesis II – 3 credits
  • Internship
    • INT 200 Internship I – 2 credits
    • CMM 480 Semester Internship Strategies – 12 credits


The admissions process at CIS is very personalized. We closely examine the application in order to get a true sense of the person behind the document, and we fully consider the personal profile, characteristics, interests, and objectives of all aspiring CIS students.

The admissions process consists of five phases:

  1. Initial contact for information via telephone, email or in person.
  2. Personal interview.
  3. Two entrance exams:
    • Mathematics Placement Test.
    • English Level Test: For non-native speakers, this allows us to determine if you speak, read, and write English well enough to effectively study at CIS. For native speakers, this helps us to see how you think and write.
  4. Each student must provide the following documentation:
    • Completed application form (either using our online form, by traditional mail or in-person)
    • Official High School transcripts.
    • Letter of recommendation (you can use the form included below if needed).
    • An ID photo.
    • Copy of ID or Passport.
    • Application fee (100€).
  5. Should you be admitted, you will receive an acceptance letter from CIS. At that point, you will begin to create your personalized academic program with our Academic Dean.

International Students

Upon being admitted to CIS, non-EU students must obtain a student visa in order to stay in Spain during the first two years of the program. The requirements will vary depending on nationality. Students should consult their local Spanish Consulate, and obtain information relevant to their specific situation. CIS provides non-EU students who are admitted with documentation that is necessary to help them to obtain a student visa.

Tuition Fees

Application Fee

Application Fee: 100€ (Non-Refundable)

(Required with the application form)

Enrollment Rates

  • Fall/Spring: 1.300€ (Non-Refundable)
  • Summer*: 650€ (Non-Refundable)

*When attending our summer sessions.

Academic Fees

  • Fall: 7.397€ 12–15 credits
  • Spring: 7.397€ 12–15 credits
  • Summer: 3.458€ 6 credits
  • Additional credit: 586€ –

Books and Supplies

  • Fall: 340€
  • Spring: 340€
  • Summer: 204€

Tuition Fees may be updated each academic year.

Last updated Nov 2019

About the School

CIS – The College for International Studies was founded in 1981, an American University, is located in the very heart of Madrid in one of the loveliest parts of the city. Our building is easily acces ... Read More

CIS – The College for International Studies was founded in 1981, an American University, is located in the very heart of Madrid in one of the loveliest parts of the city. Our building is easily accessible and in an extremely safe area. We take great pride in offering European students an American higher education closer to home just as much as we do in offering Americans precisely what they are used to, only here in Spain. Read less
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