Bachelor of Science in Management


Program Description

Manage the environment successfully!

On this field of study particular attention is paid to the financial and human resources and also to the internal communication and impact on the organizational environment, competition and market as well. If you want to have successful relations with the

  • employees
  • directors
  • colleagues
  • clients,

you should choose this field of study!


The graduates of the faculty of Management on the basis of Polish diploma can obtain a Bachelor’s degree in business management from Herzing University (USA).

In April 2015 the University of Ecology and Management signed an agreement with the American Herzing University which allows the graduates of Bachelor’s studies of UE&M, besides the Polish diploma, acquire also American diploma, issued by Herzing University.

It is possible to acquire American diploma studying at Herzing University only on the last year of Bachelor’s studies.

Career Perspectives

The graduate of management can find a job almost in each company and organization. More often he will be haunted by the companies, which profile complies with the graduate’s specialization, however; due to the solid educational basis, he will be willing to take new challenges.

We offer three specializations in this field of study:


Computer Graphics and Social Media

The graduates of this specialization will be able to use computer and Internet for running their own business, creating functional and interesting websites and web portals. The goal of the studies is to teach how to apply computing technologies in marketing and management, especially taking into consideration distribution and promotion tools. The students will obtain a basic knowledge, which will enable them to move smoothly in the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

Catering and Dietetics

The development of catering services, on one hand, is connected with the development of tourism and on the other hand, with changes in eating habits. More often we eat meals in the restaurants, during lunch breaks at work, shopping or in a leisure time. Should it be a classic «fast food», which is considered to be harmful to health? Perhaps “fast” meal, which satisfies dietary requirements, shall be served? Or “slow food” might be served quickly? How to run a snack bar and what marketing measures are to be taken, in order to include our new restaurant in the category “exclusive”? If you want to get the answer to these questions, you should choose this specialization.

Concerts, Cultural and Sports Events Management (Organisation)

You will learn how to organize the concerts, sport, and cultural events. You will obtain practical skills connected with the application of new technologies, logistics, and team management and also law regulations connected with business tourism. You will become familiarised with funding from sources for the culture and how to prepare applications for funding support and how to prepare and account project in compliance with the general requirements. If you want to be a creator of the contemporary culture market, this specialization is for you!

Last updated Feb 2018

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