Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technology


Program Description


Bachelor of Science (Information and Communication Technology)

Length in Years

4 year

Semester of Commencement

June (Summer), August (1st Semester), January (2nd Semester)

Course Fees in Baht

Total 560,000 Baht or, 140,000 Baht per annum

English Language Requirements

IELTS 5.0 or equivalent or passed the Rangsit University English Language Proficiency Test

Course Description/Purpose

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) program challenges the minds of students by teaching them how to find, process, assimilate and use the vast amounts of information that exists in today’s globalized world.

Employment Outcomes

There continues to be a huge demand for graduates in all areas of ICT and employment prospects commonly include virtual reality and game development, computer graphics programming, web development and programming, system analysis and engineering, network administration, and robotics engineering.

Course Structure

Credit requirements – 126 credits


I. Humanities and Social Sciences (9 credits)

II. Sciences and Mathematics (3 credits)

III. Languages (15 credits)

IV. Interdisciplinary and Physical Education (3 credits)



MAT153 Mathematics for Information Technology (3 credits)
ICT 111 Introduction to Information Technology (3 credits)
ICT 112 Fundamental Information Systems (3 credits)


Required Major Course (93 credits)

ITE 201 Information Technology Engagement in Community (3 credits)
ICT 210 Information Technology Laws (3 credits)
ICT 211 Databases (3 credits)
ICT 302 Social and Professional Issues (3 credits)
ICT 402 Bachelor of Science Research Skills (3 credits)
ICT 213 System Analysis and Design (3 credits)
ICT 214 Management of Information Technology Services (3 credits)
ICT 301 Implementation of Information Systems (3 credits)
ICT 303 Systems Administration and Maintenance (3 credits)
ICT 304 Information Assurance and Security (3 credits)
ICT 305 Information Systems Project Management (3 credits)
ICT 401 Seminar in Information and Communication Technology (6 credits)
ICT 101 Object-Oriented Technology (6 credits)
ICT 102 Computer Programming I (3 credits)
ICT 202 Computer Programming II (3 credits)
ICT 212 Data Structure and Algorithm (3 credits)
ICT 215 Human-Computer Interaction (3 credits)
ICT 110 Web Systems and Technologies (3 credits)
ICT 209 Data Communications and Networking (3 credits)
ICT 493 Internship (1 credit)
ICT 494 Introduction to Senior Project (2 credits)
ICT 495 Senior Project (3 credits)
Or (3 credits)
ICT 498 Co-operative Education (6 credits)

Elective Major Courses (18 credits)

ICT 320 Animation and Multimedia Technology (3 credits)
ICT 323 Electronic and Mobile Commerce (3 credits)
ICT 324 Introduction to Data Warehousing and Data Mining (3 credits)
ICT 325 Internet Systems Programming (3 credits)
ICT 327 Business Intelligence Application Development (3 credits)
ICT 328 Social Media Management (3 credits)
ICT 329 Big Data Analytics (3 credits)
ICT 331 Cloud Computing (3 credits)
ICT 333 Enterprise Architectures (3 credits)
ICT 334 Object-Oriented Database Implementation and Management (3 credits)
ICT 335 Network Design and Implementation (3 credits)
ICT 336 Introduction to Machine Learning (3 credits)
ICT 337 Image Processing (3 credits)
ICT 338 Intelligent Systems (3 credits)
ICT 339 Computer Forensics (3 credits)
ICT 421 Wireless Network (3 credits)
ICT 422 Games Design and Programming (3 credits)
ICT 424 Computer Graphics (3 credits)
ICT 425 Mobile Applications Development (3 credits)
ICT 428 Computer Vision and Augmented Reality (3 credits)
ICT 429 Management of Information Technology Services (3 credits)
ICT 489 Special Topics in Information and Communication Technology (3 credits)
IEG 350 English for Professional Development (3 credits)
IBM 221 International Experience I (3 credits)
IBM 322 International Experience II (3 credits)



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About the School

Rangsit University (RSU) is a leading private university in Thailand and is fully accredited by the Thai Government’s Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education.

Rangsit University (RSU) is a leading private university in Thailand and is fully accredited by the Thai Government’s Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education. Read less