Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Ajman University

Program Description

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Ajman University


The mission of the Information Systems program is to provide quality education in the field of information systems based on internationally recognized standards for undergraduate programs; produce information systems professionals who can deploy efficiently IT technologies and implement IT solutions according to market and society needs, particularly in the UAE and Gulf region; and prepare graduates for lifelong learning and research.

Program Educational Goals

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems program will have the following characteristics within few years of graduation:

PEO_1. Apply acquired knowledge and skills in information systems and implement their skills in public, private, academic and international information systems functional activities.

PEO_2. Act as information systems professional leaders in performing related skills in technical, business, or ethical duties.

PEO_3. Engage in life-long learning and professional development in pursuing additional graduate degrees, professional development, and self-studies.

Program Learning Outcomes

There are nine Learning Outcomes related to the Information Systems program and three learning outcomes associated with each concentration.

Graduates will be able to:

IS1. Use general education knowledge of diverse fields particularly the business domain in understanding and building IS applications.

IS2. Apply knowledge of core concepts, techniques, and practices to IS applications.

IS3. Use analytical and critical thinking skills to solve IS problems.

IS4. Address information requirements and provide solutions that reflect current business needs and changes.

IS5. Select and adopt emerging technologies for computerized business information systems.

IS6. Manage information systems components to maintain business sustainability.

IS7. Make decisions and conduct social responsibilities in an ethical and professional manner.

IS8. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

IS9. Function independently and as an effective member or a leader of a team.

Concentration in Project Management

  • IS-PM1 Use and apply Project Management methods and practices in IS environment.
  • IS-PM2 Manage the scope, cost, scheduling, and quality of the project.
  • IS-PM3 Identify the services, operations, and risks involved in IT projects.

Concentration in E-Business Management

  • IS-eBM1 Choose IT technologies to support an e-business solution.
  • IS-eBM2 Develop plans for the implementation of e-marketing and e-commerce systems.
  • IS-eBM3 Identify and explain the use of different online e-marketing and e-commerce business models.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the program of Bachelor of Science in Information Systems with its two concentrations requires the U.A.E secondary certificate or an equivalent qualification with a minimum average grade of 60% for the scientific section and a minimum of 65% for Art section.

Career Opportunities

Information system graduates are required to meet the demands of various stakeholders including industry, commerce, education, health, and government. Some graduates are employed in companies and research organizations, others in resource centers in schools, colleges, and universities.

There are opportunities in finance, in computing and telecommunications industries, as well as in the medical sector.

Graduation requirements

Students at Ajman University (AU) are eligible for a bachelor in Information Systems after completion of 123 credits hours, which normally takes eight semesters. The minimum cumulative grade point average for graduation is 2.0 for 123 total credits hours.

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