Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Systems


Program Description

The Department of Geography offers a major program with three options in geography leading to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, minor programs in general geography and geographic information science, a certificate in geographic information systems, coursework applicable to general education components in all programs, and coursework contributory to other curricula, including the programs for the preparation of elementary and secondary teachers offered through the College of Education and Human Sciences.

Geographic Information Science is designed to serve students who wish to prepare for careers in the more technical aspects of applied geography, including the fields of geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, computer cartography, city and/or regional planning, economic geography, resource utilization, and land use analysis. The option in Geographic Information Science also provides preparation for graduate study in geography leading to careers in applied geography or for research and teaching at the collegiate level.

Degree Requirements

General Education Component
Area I (Written Composition) 6
Area II (Humanities and Fine Arts) 12
Area III (Natural Sciences and Mathematics) 11
Area IV (History, Social and Behavioral Sciences) 12
Area V
Major Core Requirements in Geographic Information Science
GE 102 Global Environments and Societies 1 3
GE 111 Physical Geography: Weather and Climate 1
or GE 111H Honors Physical Geography: Weather and Climate
GE 112 Physical Geography-Landforms 1
or GE 112H Honors Physical Geography: Landforms
GE 184 Digital Earth 3
GE 260 People, Place, and Culture 3
GE 300W History and Philosophy of Geography 3
GE 325 Cartography 3
GE 384 Geographic Information Systems 4
Select one course from Regional Geography 3
Experiential Learning 3
Prescribed Supporting Courses
Select one Microcomputer Course 2 2
Select one Statistics Course 3
Additional Requirements
GE 224 Field Methods and Technology in Geography 3
GE 323 Image Interpretation and Analysis 3
GE 454 Remote Sensing 4
GE 464 GIS Programming 3
GE 484 Applied Geospatial Analysis 3
Select one Database Management Course 3
Select 9 hours of additional coursework either geography or related coursework recommended by an academic advisor 9
A minor or second major is not required for the Geographic Information Science major.
General Elective hours, if required, to bring total to 120
Total 108

1 These courses are required in the major if not completed as part of the General Education component

2 Fulfills computer literacy requirement

3 Experiential Learning includes: Field Courses, Study Abroad, Internships, Co-ops, Geography Capstone Project, and Service learning, or other courses for which 80% of the course credit derives from field activities as determined by the department

Careers With a Degree in Geographic Information Science

  • Assistant Professor of Geography
  • Senior Vice President
  • Area Director
  • Business Operations Associate
  • Offshore Survey Technician
  • GIS Analyst I, II
  • GIS Coordinator
  • GIS Project Manager
  • GIS Software Engineer
  • GIS Specialist
  • Urban Planner
  • Planning Director
  • GIS Planner
  • Land Planner
  • Urban Planner/ Associate Planner
  • Viticulturist
  • Natural Resource Planner
  • GIS Technician
  • Research Program Manager
  • Cartographer
  • GIS Spatial Analyst
  • GIS Director
  • GIS Support Analyst II
  • Residential Marketing Representative
  • Engineering Representative II
  • Engineer Associate
  • GIS Coordinator
  • Graduate Teaching & Research Assistants
  • Associate Maritime Analyst
  • Business Developer Manager
  • Airborne Sensor Specialist
  • International Business Development
  • Senior GIS Analyst
  • State GPS Sales Representative
  • GIS/ Inventory Specialist
  • Soil Conservation Technician, Cartographer
  • Software Engineer
  • GIS Sales Executive

Tuition & Fees

Alabama Resident Non-Resident
1-11 Hours $277.00/hour $554.00/hour
12-18 Hours $4,155.00 flat rate $8,310.00 flat rate
Last updated Dec 2018

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