The BS in General Engineering (BSGE) is designed to provide the student with a strong core understanding in basic science, engineering, and mathematics with the ability to continue to learn how to apply this expertise to a range of engineering problems. Its computer science concentration aims at producing graduates with a strong foundation of computer science theory and practice, and the ability to continue to learn and apply new information technologies.

The mission of the BSGE program at AUI is to produce engineers with a strong foundation who can succeed in a variety of professional settings and industries. They will be able to work effectively across disciplines and national boundaries.

The program’s educational objectives are to produce graduates who will

  • Be practicing professionals or pursue graduate studies in a variety of fields;
  • Be able to work in multi-lingual settings;
  • Be able to work in countries around the world;
  • Be able to effectively manage projects;
  • Be able to work as entrepreneurs, employees or managers, or educators;

Graduates of the BSGE program will have attained the following student outcomes

  1. An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering;
  2. An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data;
  3. An ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability;
  4. An ability to function on multidisciplinary teams;
  5. An ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems;
  6. An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility; 173
  7. An ability to communicate effectively;
  8. The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering;
  9. Solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context;
  10. A recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning;
  11. A knowledge of contemporary issues;
  12. An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice;
  13. An ability to communicate effectively in a multilingual world
Program taught in:
  • English

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Last updated December 18, 2018
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Aug 2020
3 - 5 years
1,995 MAD
Price/credit for Moroccan students; 3045 MAD for international students
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Aug 2020
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Aug 2020

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