Bachelor of Science in Game Development


Program Description

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The process of developing a game is an exceptional game in and of itself. It’s a pursuit in which the end goal is not discovered but created, step by step, by a team of talented programmers, engine builders, and designers.

Full Sail University’s Game Development bachelor of science degree program guides students through the entire game development cycle, from pre-production to finished product. You’ll begin by creating simple games that strengthen your programming and design skills, then progress into more complex engineering and integration tasks. Your education will enhance your ability to create program code for 3D graphic display, multiplayer gaming, artificially intelligent opponents, and real-time virtual environments.

Ongoing portfolio courses will provide you with opportunities to build tangible projects that showcase your talents and strengthen your professional skills. In addition, our Career Development advisors will be available for support throughout your career – not just while you are a student.

Check out Sugar Rush, a game created by students as a final project for Game Development.

Last updated February 2019

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