Bachelor of Science in Film


Program Description

Hands-on education

At our school, you learn filmmaking by actually making films. Our programs are built around actual industry workflow. Teachers step off the set to the front of the classroom to give you an immersive education you just can’t get out of a textbook. We want to provide you with focused knowledge and understanding of film theory and the craft needed to enter the entertainment industry and hit the ground running.

You’ll receive training in Film Theory • Production • Storyboarding • Cinematography • Directing • Editing • Post Production and more!

The Bachelor of Science in Film program is designed to provide students with not only knowledge and understanding of film theory, but also hands-on experience in the skills and craft needed to qualify for entry-level industry positions. Graduates are trained to work as independent filmmakers, production assistants, editors, sound designers, assistant directors, unit production managers, art directors, video editors, lighting technicians, director’s assistants, dialogue editors and a variety of other positions in the film and video industry. This program will also help develop team-building skills necessary for the film industry. There are four degree-tracks offered in the bachelor’s program: Production, Cinematography, Directing/Screenwriting, and Production Design. Students will work with a faculty mentor to select the degree track that best fits their skills, talents and professional goals. In addition to technical proficiency and creative development, the curriculum teaches students the critical-thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills that are necessary to starting and sustaining a long and productive professional career in the entertainment and media industry.


Program Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Film Production program is 120 credit hours and 36 months in length. Students must successfully complete all required coursework with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.

Last updated September 2019

About the School

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