Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies


Program Description

Program Scope

The School of Public Affairs Environmental Studies Program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Natural Resource Management and Conservation. Students in the B.A. program have three emphases from which to choose: Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice, Humanities and the Environment, and The Urban Environment.

The objective of the program is to produce exceptional graduates who are grounded in the study of contemporary environmental problems and solutions. The program provides students with the knowledge and skills required for understanding relationships between humans and the physical world. It examines how the environment is being used, abused, and perceived, and what individuals and organizations are doing and can do to protect it for themselves, future generations, and other living beings and ecosystems. Students participate in an internship and take a senior seminar. Both requirements emphasize community engagement and preparation for future environmental careers.

Career Outlook

Environmental Studies is a diverse field and includes opportunities for employment at many different venues. Private industry opportunities include solid waste management, resource recovery and recycling, hazardous waste management, water treatment and delivery, and air pollution control. Major local corporations have employment opportunities in environmental health and safety and environmental management. Environmental consultants who specialize in creating or reviewing environmental impact reports and statements and environmental regulations are needed at the federal and state agency level as well as in the private sector. Other employment opportunities include government agency level resource scientists, natural resource managers, and planners. In addition, local nonprofit activist groups provide a small number of full-time positions in the environmental field.

Major Requirements

  • Environmental Studies majors who successfully complete ENVS 450GW in fall 2009 or thereafter will have satisfied the University Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR).
  • Environmental Studies majors must complete ENVS 300 and ENVS 450GW with a grade of C or better to continue in the major.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies: Concentration in Natural Resource Management and Conservation

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies Concentration in Natural Resource Management and Conservation provides students with the theoretical and applied knowledge and skills in ecology, conservation biology, and natural resources they need to address natural resource management and conservation issues. Required courses provide knowledge in ecology, conservation biology, statistics, and natural resource management and provide students with a solid background in both quantitative and qualitative problem-solving techniques. Students choose additional coursework in ecology, biodiversity studies, applied methods, and management of specific resources.

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