Bachelor of Science in Air Traffic Control


Program Description

Guiding aircrafts during takeoff and landing, advising pilots through safe passageways, safeguarding the lives of passengers, ensuring no flight scheduling delays – that’s a day in the life of an air traffic controller.

Through hands-on learning with our ultramodern radar and tower simulation facilities, our Bachelors of Science in Air Traffic Control program will prepare you for the rewarding career of supervising the skies.

What will I learn?

The program has been designed to match the international standards of aviation education with the aim of producing highly qualified graduates that meet the demands of the air traffic control industry.

The curriculum consists of effective management and aviation leadership training together with lectures in the fundamentals of business. Since English is the main language for aviation communication, students shall undergo intensive English language training with emphasis on internationalized aeronautical phraseology.

Through rigorous training in self-discipline and standardized procedures, you shall be prepared to make accurate decisions within very limited time spans. Courses are delivered by our highly experienced air traffic control specialists and are hosted in our state-of-the-art control tower simulation room. Numerous field trips to airports and aviation institutes will be arranged for you so that you may study and observe real-world air traffic management operations.

During the final year of the program, you will be required to attend internship at various airports and aviation centers for acquiring crucial hands-on experience. Completion of the program means you shall be ready to complete the official licensing examination to be certified in commanding the skies.

The Possibilities Are Endless

After completing the national licensing exam, you shall be qualified for the following types of careers:


  • Air traffic control specialist/officer
  • Operations support officer stationed at airport-based companies
  • Official at the Ministry of Transports and Communication
  • Director or officer in airlines companies
  • Operations officer in airline companies
  • Airline Traffic Control Officer stationed at oil rigs & offshore drill companies in the sea
  • Operators or owners of private aviation firms
  • Further study locally or abroad


This degree is under the supervision of the Professional Council, Department of Civil Aviation, and the Office of the Higher Education Commission.

Before You Apply

  • Applicants must have successfully completed high school (M.6) or equivalent – majoring in Science and Mathematics.
  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate excellent mental and physical health.
  • Applicants should have satisfactory proficiency in the English language.
  • Applicants must be of a good moral character and psychological capacity, and no contagious diseases.

Applicants should forward to us the below-listed documents:

  • Completed application form and fees.
  • Certified true copy official transcript of records.
  • Certified true copy of National ID card or passport.
  • Two (2) recently taken 2×2 inch photographs.
  • Certified true copy of name change certificate (if any).
Last updated Feb 2018

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