Bachelor of Science: Youth Ministry


Program Description

Statistics indicate that the average age at which people accept Christ as their Savior is sixteen. Youth Ministries graduates will be prepared to minister to adolescents at this critical life stage when the possibilities for evangelism and discipleship are so great. The Youth Ministries major is designed to give students the skills necessary for effective ministry to youth as well as an understanding of the broader context of youth ministry within the Church and the Christian family.


Students who complete the Youth Ministries curriculum will meet the objectives of the Division of Bible and Ministry, as well as the following objectives specific to this major.

Division Objectives: students will

  1. Understand the need for, meaning, and practice of a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  2. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the Bible and essential Christian doctrine, the ability to accurately interpret Scripture, and an increasingly coherent Christian worldview that enables them to apply biblical principles to questions of ethics, compassion, and all other life situations.
  3. Exhibit a lifestyle that is characterized by simplicity, integrity, responsibility, and order which reflects concern for the social implications of the gospel and lends credibility to a Christian testimony.
  4. Demonstrate the basic knowledge and ability required to minister to others in their own cultural group and across cultural boundaries, utilizing appropriate technology and relevant forms of both written and verbal communication.
  5. Demonstrate perseverance and commitment, and the ability to work productively both independently and in teams.
  6. Develop the skills and understanding necessary for personal Bible-study, prayer, and devotional life which can sustain and empower one’s personal life and ministry to others.
  7. Demonstrate the ability to find, process, and apply information that is relevant to one’s Christian life and ministry through the exercise of both critical and creative thinking.

Specific Program Objectives: students will

  • Understand family relationships and biblical principles for ministry to families.
  • Effectively relate to youth, parents, congregation and church leadership.
  • Demonstrate the skills to minister to youth as exhibited by their ability to
  • Address administrative issues peculiar to ministry with youth in the local church environment.
  • Relate and communicate within the context of youth culture while challenging young people to transcend their culture and live for Christ.
  • Recognize and adjust to various ministry environments.
  • Speak effectively to youth.
  • Meet the objectives of the Division of General Studies.
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