Bachelor of Science Education (Honours) (Sports Science)


Program Description

Programme Aims

The Bachelor of Science Education (Honours) (Sports Science) programme aims to educate students who wish to pursue careers related to science education with a focus on Sports Science in settings other than primary and secondary schools.

On completion of the programme, successful students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate their academic and applied skills and knowledge in the core and applied areas of sports science such as anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, sociology, psychology, nutrition and motor control. The students' mastery in these areas will be crucial for their careers and will enable them to support their clients’ activities in educational environments and contexts, and will also allow the active pursuit of a research agenda.
  • Critically evaluate the concepts of curriculum development and delivery as well as aspects of pedagogy related to sports science. As experts in sports science, graduates will be a source of unbiased information for their clients and their skills and knowledge will allow them to choose career paths and usefully contribute to society in both traditional and non-traditional educational settings as well as in private and public organisations.
  • Demonstrate their effective learning in sports science by means of oral presentations, laboratory reports and written essays, and through completion of an Honours research project.

Programme Features

At present, there are no undergraduate programmes specifically in science education with a focus of sports science in Hong Kong. There are programmes that fall within the broad range of Physical Education/Sports/Exercise at other institutions. However, they target a different market, focusing on either PE teacher education for the local schools, exercise and physical activity or recreation management careers. The EdUHK programme would be more focused on Sports Science as understood in an international context. As such, it would be a potentially attractive programme for overseas applicants as well.

Programme Structure*

In accordance with the University's commitment to whole-person development, the programme constitutes a total learning experience for all students incorporating Coursework, an Honours Project, an Internship, Electives, General Education, Co-curricular and Service Learning and Language Enhancement to enable our graduates to become responsible citizens with broad-based knowledge in Sports Science. Senior students will complete a two-year 66 credit points programme. The following table outlines the courses and learning experiences that comprise the degree programme:

Domain and Credit Points

  • Major Studies
    • Coursework, 33 credit points 
    •  Honours Project, 6 credit points 
    •  Internship, 6 credit points 
  • Electives, 15 credit points 
  • General Education, 3 credit points 
  • Co-curricular and Service Learning, 3 credit points 
  • Total: 66 credit points 

*The curriculum structure is subject to review.

Note: Classes will be held in Tai Po Campus and Tseung Kwan O Study Centre / Kowloon Tong Satellite Study Centre / Sports Centre as decided by the University.

Major Studies

The major for senior students is composed of 45 credit points, including 33 credit points from taught courses, 6 credit points from the internship, and 6 credit points from the honours project.

During the Internship, students are required to practice in a sports-oriented organization or company so as to further cultivate their skills and knowledge. This experience also allows students to integrate theory and practice. The Honours Project is a credit-bearing dissertation or major project. It encourages students to integrate their learning experiences with knowledge and skills acquired during their studies within the scope of a selected topic of personal interest. Under the guidance of a project supervisor, students will build upon their research skills from the Coursework of the Major.


Course title*

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Introductory Biomechanics
  • Measurement and Statistics in Sports Science
  • Exercise Programme Design
  • Research Methods in Sports Science
  • Curriculum Planning and Pedagogy in Sports Science Education
  • Sport and Exercise for Special Populations
  • High-Performance Nutrition
  • Principles and Practice of Health Promotion
  • Sports Injuries Prevention and Management
  • Psychological Aspects of Elite Performance
  • Internship
  • Honours Project

*The course list is subject to review.


Apart from the major courses, the programme includes elective courses. It is acknowledged that some students may wish to choose electives in areas that may further deepen their understanding in a particular area, and may widen their career pathways.

General Education

The General Education (GE) courses develop students' capacities to become well-educated citizens. Students are expected to acquire broad knowledge and possess the ability to integrate various disciplines in their understanding of the world.

Co-curricular and Service Learning

The Co-curricular and Service Learning (CSL) courses aimed at achieving a total learning experience and providing service-based learning opportunities to broaden students’ learning experience beyond the traditional classroom-based curriculum.

Language Enhancement

The Centre for Language in Education (CLE) provides both credit-bearing and non-credit-bearing language programmes (English and Chinese languages); self-access support programmes and social activities for cultural and language exchanges.

Medium of Instruction

The programme is primarily conducted in English.

Career Prospects/Professional Qualifications

Graduates from this programme will find a wide range of career and further education pathways, including Sports Science Educator (University Academic, Researcher), Health & Wellness Expert (Cardiac Rehabilitation Advisor, Exercise Rehabilitation Advisor, Rehabilitation Case Manager, Injury Prevention Consultant, Community Health Advisor, Occupational Health & Safety Consultant), Sports Science Consultant (Exercise, Physiology, Nutrition, Biomechanics), Sports & Fitness Consultant (Trainer, Sports Consultant, Gym Manager/Owner), Community/Schools Coordinator (School sports, Preparation for teaching), Sales & Marketing Representative (Medical products, Sporting goods).

Last updated Aug 2020

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