Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business Administration

European School of Economics Italy

Program Description

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business Administration

European School of Economics Italy

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business Administration

“On graduating with an honours degree in business administration, general business and management, students will be distinguished from the threshold category by their enhanced capacity to develop and apply their own perspectives to their studies, to deal with uncertainty and complexity, to explore alternative solutions, to demonstrate critical evaluation and to integrate theory and practice in a wide range of situations.” - The Quality Assurance Association for Higher Education (2007)

The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business Administration* aims to develop pro-active decision makers, managers and leaders for a variety of careers in business sectors in a global context. The programme focusses on innovation, creativity and leadership, making it a varied and challenging journey towards awareness of one’s own professional skills and abilities. A grouping of essential core subjects are uniquely combined with the study of a language, two integral internship placements, integrative workshops and the choice of four specialisations in management, marketing, finance and media and communications. A distinctive constellation of interlocking subjects ensures that each student receives the knowledge and the analytical, creative and quantitative expertise needed to be able to manage people, resources and information in a dynamic business environment. With these key skills ESE students are more attractive to employers, and know how to enable companies to achieve their goals and objectives in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Students will also have the added advantage of being able to pursue the BSc in Business Administration in any of the ESE campuses, whether London, Madrid, Milan, Florence or Rome. They will have the unique opportunity to transfer between campuses on a per term or per year basis, experiencing the same programme in multiple international contexts and cultures.

Key Components of the BSc in Business Administration

  • A choice of four specialisations – management, marketing, finance, media and communication
  • Academic credit for language modules which will increase employability
  • Two internship placements from a choice of 1500 companies worldwide
  • Integrative workshops to provide the knowledge, skills, practice and pastoral care to ensure maximized personal and academic development
  • Ideal preparation for postgraduate study
  • A degree programme offered across two continents with the possibility of transferring between campuses in London, Milan, Florence, Rome and Madrid on a per term or per year basis
  • Two intakes per academic year – September and January – providing extra enrolment options
  • The opportunity to take an English/Italian bilingual first year in Florence, enabling students to hone their English skills whilst having the comfort of lectures and exams in their mother tongue
  • Small class sizes which help faculty cultivate a mentor relationship with students and provide the individual attention needed to discover their special skills and succeed in their chosen pathway

Graduates from the BSc in Business Administration possess:

  • Strong analytical skills, capable of identifying and assessing strategic opportunities that may benefit an organisation in both the domestic and international market
  • A solid understanding of the global business environment, trading systems, and geo and socio-political influences on investments, trade, and the economic landscape
  • The flexibility and creativity necessary to address challenges presented by a rapidly changing international business environment.
  • Cross-cultural communication skills, capable of managing people, resources and information across cultural boundaries

Course Programme

  • The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSc Hons) is a three-year, full time course. All of the ESE undergraduate bachelor degree programmes are taught in English* and have a standard 360 credit structure (180 ECTS credits).
  • Completion of the programme requires:
  • Study of a foreign language
  • Two internship placements
  • Choice of one specialisation in either management, marketing, finance or media and communication
  • Final Project related to the chosen specialisation
  • Full time compulsory attendance

What makes the BSc in Business Administration unique?

  • The ESE international experience with students from around the world and with six campuses to choose from; an invaluable opportunity to learn, network and make friends for life.
  • The ESE unique business philosophy rooted in concepts of wholeness and integrity, which guide the student towards increased levels of self-awareness and confidence
  • Faculty are actively engaged in business and will help you identify your unique skills and interests so as to most effectively place you on a path to the achievement of your academic and professional goals.
  • The study of business administration with a specialisation is an excellent preparation for a Master’s programme



The management specialisation equips students with the knowledge and skills to commence a career within the business management arena with a full 360° understanding of how value is added, maintained, defended and increased within an organization. Subject areas expand across strategy and change management within an international context and will prepare students to be the business leaders of tomorrow.


The finance specialisation provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success within the field of finance within the realm of business who will have a clear capacity to monitor, budget and maximize value within an organization. Subject areas examine risk management, strategy and environmental economics from a corporate, cultural and international perspective.


The marketing specialisation prepares students with the vital knowledge and skills necessary for a career within the marketing sphere with a robust aptitude to identify, classify, develop and dominate markets. Subject areas critically explore the marketing concept from buyer behaviour to branding and positioning, through to service marketing and strategy.

Media and Communications

The media and communications specialisation trains students in the fundamental knowledge and skills most needed for success in the dynamic international arena of media, journalism and PR, and in the ability to communicate the message of an organisation clearly, fairly and with maximum impact. Subject areas examine the challenges, management, ethics and strategy of new media, communication and journalism with a global perspective.

Internship Programme

ESE offers one of the most extensive and competitive internship programmes available today. The quality of the placement service is a result of the long established relationships that ESE has fostered with global companies for years. This means that students are given excellent opportunities to enter the job market and gain exposure. The internships are structured, evaluated and recognised as an important part of the ESE philosophy and provide each student with the opportunity to spend a period of time in a work environment consistent with the chosen specialisation. All BSc Business Administration students will complete two integral internship placements during their course of study, gaining academic credit towards their final award. Not only will students gain valuable work experience before entering the job market, but through the internship report assessment they will apply strong application of their studies to the experience helping them to explore and assess their specific field of interest within a professional business environment. ESE has an internship department in each centre responsible for maintaining close relationships with both students and companies, in order to offer each student the possibility of entering a company or an area of business, which is of true interest. The completeness of this preparation - a mix of academic excellence, internationality and work experience -allows ESE graduates to kick off their careers without hesitation, often in the same companies that hosted them for their internships.

Entry Requirements

Entrance into one of the bachelor programmes at ESE requires the submission of the following documents to the Admissions Office at the ESE centre of interest:

  • Application Form filled out with complete information
  • Official copy of the High School Diploma or foreign equivalent certificate*
  • Official copy of the High School Transcripts*
  • 6.0 IELTS, TOEFL 577 paper based, 233 computer based, or IBT 90**
  • Photocopy of Passport / ID document
  • Four photographs (passport-sized)
  • One Recommendation Letter Applications arriving without the appropriate fee will not be considered.

*All non-English documents must be officially translated

**ETS Codes for the European School of Economics (for the TOEFL exam) vary by location: ESE London is 5977, ESE Rome is 1610, ESE Milan is 5974, ESE Florence is 5976 and ESE Madrid 8833

English Proficiency

Candidates who have completed their studies in the English language (at least 2 years) are not required to present a language qualification (TOEFL or IELTS).

Transfer Admission

Courses deemed equivalent to those in the chosen ESE degree programme may receive transfer credit. For more information about transfer from other universities please contact the ESE centre of interest.


The ESE accepts applications for scholarships from candidates of the bachelor programme, with the aim of assisting exceptional and motivated students in achieving their personal and professional dreams. The scholarship is awarded as a partial deduction from the annual tuition fee, and each student profile is considered individually. This award is based on both the academic merit and need of the student applicant. It is therefore important that scholarship applications provide a complete profile of the student's personal, professional and/or academic merits. Students interested in applying for the scholarship to attend an ESE bachelor programme may complete the scholarship application form, taking special care to address not only their reason for applying for the scholarship, but also why they wish to attend the European School of Economics, extra-curricular activities and experiences that have had particular impact on their personal and/or professional growth, and most importantly what they hope to achieve by attending ESE. To apply for the ESE Scholarship students may send the completed scholarship application form together with the bachelor’s application form and documents, including a financial statement, to the ESE admissions office where they wish to study. To maintain their scholarship award students must demonstrate continued academic excellence throughout their studies at ESE. For more information about the scholarship, please contact the ESE centre of interest.

Course Fees

Our fees are the same for all students regardless of nationality. Once you are accepted, we will endeavour to make study at ESE possible for you through loans, available grants, work-study, and scholarship.


  • Registration: € 1.600,00
  • Tuition: € 19.000,00

BSc (IT)

  • Registration: € 1.600,00
  • Tuition: € 15.000,00

BSc Blended (US)

  • Registration: € 1.500,00
  • Total tuition: € 12.000,00

MSc (IT)

  • Registration: € 1.600,00
  • Tuition: € 17.000,00


  • Registration: € 1.600,00
  • Tuition: € 24.000,00

MBA Blended (US)

  • Registration: € 2.000,00
  • Total tuition: € 16.000,00

Short Course

  • Registration: € 600,00
  • Tuition: € 4.500,00
  • Internship: € 1.000,00
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