Bachelor of Philosophy (Leuven)


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Program Description

What is the programme all about?

The aim of the BA programme is to provide a thorough, broad and comprehensive historical and systematic education in philosophy. At the same time, the programme seeks to provide students with the research skills required for successful written and verbal expression in philosophy. You’ll also learn to use philosophical skills in analysing contemporary societal debates

The Institute of Philosophy offers a comprehensive range of BA, MA, Research Master and PhD degrees, all taught in English. Viewed collectively, our undergraduate and post-graduate degrees aim to familiarise students with the history of philosophy as well as with contemporary movements in analytic and continental philosophy so that they are able to engage with the fundamental areas of philosophical research. The Institute of Philosophy is proud to offer its students a broad philosophical education and a wide range of courses and seminars, as well as personalised study support and guidance.


The Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy programme is a three-year programme divided into 3 components:

  • Core Courses will provide you with the necessary knowledge of the history of philosophy and expound on the key philosophical themes and concepts.
  • Seminars will teach you how to read and analyse texts closely, as well as offer well-structured presentations, and write philosophical papers.
  • Electives, which also include non-philosophical courses, will stimulate your broader interests and encourage interdisciplinarity.

An important part of the programme is the Bachelor’s Paper with Seminar, a course in which you’ll learn to research and write a more extended piece of philosophical scholarship.

The programme is structured with a system of major (a package of 120 study credits in general philosophy courses and equal to all students) and minors (60 study credits to be chosen among three options: Liberal Arts, Theology and Religious Studies, and Educational Studies). 

Advanced Placement

The Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy is a three-year programme (180 ECTS credits) but students with some university-level education may be eligible to apply for admission with advanced placement. Students with a BA degree in a field other than philosophy and no academic background in philosophy are recommended to apply to the one-year Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy abridged programme (60 ECTS credits). 

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Last updated Aug 2020

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