Bachelor of Music in Music


Program Description


The aim of the Music Program is to equip students with the knowledge and skills required for a career as music teachers and as professional musicians in solo and ensemble performance contexts.

Objectives & Outcomes

General Objectives

  • To offer a comprehensive degree in the area of Music.
  • To provide the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes and to formulate the necessary conditions that will allow students to have high quality musical, performing and pedagogical activity.

Specific Objectives

  • To prepare students for effective and successful teaching as music teachers and pedagogues and for rich and diverse artistic activity as performers at a variety of musical activities.
  • To provide students with the opportunity of a more in-depth understanding and development of skills in the area of music education or music performance.
  • To develop students’ performance skills on their individual instrument(s) allowing them to perform musically and creatively as soloists and as ensemble members.
  • To develop and improve upon the musical and pedagogical knowledge about, perception of and skills of students, depending on their individual needs and interests.
  • To prepare musicians and music educators who will act creatively and productively.
  • To develop teaching methodologies, performance and pedagogical skills as well as other experiences that will allow students to successfully act upon their role as musicians and educators, both in Cyprus and abroad.
  • The endowment of students with the indispensable knowledge, skills and attitudes for contributing to the area of music in various settings and the Cypriot society in general.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the music degree, the students will be able to:

  • Develop knowledge of non-western, popular, folk and ethnic genres of music.
  • Apply technology to the field of music and in the music classroom as teachers.
  • Connect with the music community and the broader community of Cyprus through electronic means, using the internet and technology to promote recitals, concerts and musical gatherings in Cyprus.
  • Recognize music from various cultures of the world and music of their own time.
  • Place music in historical, cultural and stylistic contexts.
  • Analyze works of music and the stylistic characteristics of the historical periods from which they originate, demonstrating an understanding and perception of the compositional process, aesthetic property and artistic and broader historical context.
  • Explain the common elements, theoretical and organizational patterns of music of different styles and eras, through aural, verbal and visual analyses and employ this knowledge in compositional, performance, pedagogical or historical contexts.
  • Create original compositions and improvise music experimenting with various musical parameters.
  • Form and defend value judgments about music and make qualitative decisions regarding their personal creative expressions and performance activities.
  • Develop a high level of writing skills in the area of music.
  • Conduct basic music research using reference tools and bibliographic sources.
  • Demonstrate skills and mastery required for artistic self-expression in one major performance area, effectively performing a variety of repertoire in that particular area.
  • Grow and work as independent and capable musicians, with a high level of artistic, collaborative and leadership skills, demonstrated in a variety of performance contexts, able to pursue careers in large ensembles, chamber ensembles and in a variety of community and educational venues.
  • Apply pedagogical knowledge as well as practical instrumental and choral expertise while employing innovative methods, materials, repertoire and communication skills appropriate to the teaching of music, addressing the needs and ability levels of diverse learners in different fields
  • Demonstrate oral and written communication/presentation skills to support the teaching of music in studio, class, or community contexts.
  • Formulate a grounded philosophy in regards to the teaching of music.
  • Develop heightened aesthetic musicality.
  • Employ research and teaching skills, performance competencies and experiences that will allow them to act upon their role as musicians in Cyprus and abroad.
  • Contribute to the area of music in various educational and performing settings by asserting leadership in organizing musical events, performances, seminars, thus promoting and advocating music, arts and culture in their local community and in Cypriot society in general.

Employment Opportunities

Professional Solo and/or Ensemble Performance, Teaching, Community Outreach, Journalism, Performance Promotion.

Last updated Aug 2020

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