Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Professional Music


Program Description

Building on the College’s highly successful previous music degrees in Arranging and Music Production & Technology specialisms, the Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Professional Music introduces a broad-based route focusing on four core areas demanded of professional musicians in the industry. The full-time program is highly career-centric and prepares you for a rewarding multifaceted music career.


Program Overview

In the core area of music performance, you will develop dexterity in your principal instrument allowing you to master advanced level scales and technical studies in major and minor modes. You will develop group performance dynamics and band leadership skills through ensemble performances that play in the idioms of jazz, rhythm and blues, rock and pop music. You will also study various methods of improvisation and repertory studies to build a vast memorized repertoire in preparation for performing in gigs. You will plan for and conduct your own performance recital in your final year, showcasing your instrumental proficiency and musicianship.


In the area of music arranging, you will learn score layout, instrument properties and ranges, orchestration and scoring techniques for horns, voices and orchestra. You will develop skills in using music notation software to write arranging scores and instrumental parts for small and big bands, for live show bands and for full orchestra. You will study music composition techniques and produce commercial works for jingles, music albums and composition for visuals and video games.

In the area of music production, you will develop studio and live sound techniques allowing you to record, process and mix your musical works at a professional standard. You will develop skills in operating digital audio workstations and software plugins as well as sequencing to produce your commercial works. You will study and discuss the techniques used by world-renowned sound engineers and music producers in the process of identifying your own personal production style and sound.

In the area of music business, you will study entertainment law that governs both the traditional and digital realms. From copyright protection and music publishing to digital rights management and royalty payment, you will investigate the various legal aspects applicable to protection and promotion of commercial works. You will develop skills in management – of artists and events in particular and learn entrepreneurship skills to prepare for a wide career option in the professional music industry.


In addition to the core areas, you will develop auditory skills to refine your musical ear to distinguish melodic intervals, harmonic progressions and complex rhythmic patterns. You will study music history from medieval times through to the 21st century and through the study you will trace the roots of today’s traditional Malay music. You will also learn research methods to prepare you to conduct your own research in music and also learn how to attend interviews and present yourself to prospective employers. You will pursue a 150-hour internship placement at an approved site to gain professional work experience in the career interest of your choice.

As part of the degree requirement, Malaysian students will take liberal arts courses such as Ethnic Relations, Asian & Islamic Civilization while international students would take Malaysian Studies and a basic Malay Language Communications course.


Why Choose This Program

The BMus (Hons) in Professional Music is a one-of-a-kind program in Asia, specially tailored to produce human capital for the professional music industry.

  • You will have hands-on experience using the College’s RM40 million state of the art facilities
  • You will learn from a team of qualified and experienced faculty
  • You will engage with music industry professionals in closed-door master classes and workshops
  • You will have professional work experience while studying on the program and have opportunities to network with industry professionals
  • The tuition fees are affordable compared to other music degree programs outside Malaysia
  • The tuition fees are affordable compared to other music degree programs outside Malaysia
  • Although you study entirely at the College, you will earn a UK undergraduate degree that is recognized globally
  • You will be able to secure jobs in both private and government sectors


Entry Requirements

  • Minimum S.P.M. certification (requisite pass in Bahasa Melayu and History) or other high school completion equivalent, with minimum 5 credits. Refer to the high school qualifications table to check if you have the minimum qualification to enroll in the program OR
  • Mininum U.E.C. certification (Senior Middle-Level Exam), with minimum grade of B6 and above in 3 subjects
  • For International Students who did not sit for English as their compulsory subject must obtain a TOEFL score of 550 or IELTS score of 6.0
  • Pass the auditions and interview process
  • *Malaysian students who do not have an S.P.M. credit in Bahasa Malaysia will be automatically enrolled in LN014-Bahasa Kebangsaan A (3) at extra cost
  • Foundation in Music Certification

Year 1

  • 4MU029 – Digital Audio Applications
  • 4MU030 – Live Sound Reinforcement
  • 4MU035 – Performance Practice in Jazz & R&B Music
  • 4MU031 – Contemporary Arranging
  • 4MU036 – Performance Practice in Pop & Rock Music
  • 4MU037 – Survey of Music History
  • PS421 – Improvisation Methods
  • LN126 – Malay Language Communications 2
  • LN 127 – Islamic and Asian Civilization (TITAS)
  • MB422 – Business of Music Publishing
  • MB423 – Entertainment Law

Year 2

  • 5MU036 – Recording Techniques
  • 5MU037 – Introduction to Research
  • 5MU038 – Arranging For Show Band
  • 5MU031 – Commercial Composition
  • 5MU032 – The Professional Gig
  • 5MU039 – Music & Sound Design for Visuals
  • MB521 – Management Principles
  • LN221 – Entrepreneurship
  • LN421 – Community Music Service
  • MB522 – Managing Artists and Events

Year 3

  • 6MU013 – Graduation Project
  • 6MU014 – Commercial Studio Production
  • 6MU015 – Performance Recital
  • 6MU017 – Career Preparation
  • 6MU019 – Scoring for Orchestra
  • MT621 – Music Sequencing
  • LN125 – Malaysian Studies 3
  • LN128 – Ethnic Relations
  • LN321 – Logic and Reasoning


Teaching Methods

You will receive interactive lectures, seminars and tutorials, with much practical and studio-based teaching and field visits. You will have opportunities to collaborate with professional musicians, arrangers and producers and to benefit from their master classes and workshops held at the College on a regular basis.

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About the School

The College’s vision is to be THE music educational hub in Asia for music and entertainment industries. The College’s primary mission is to discover and develop music talents.

The College’s vision is to be THE music educational hub in Asia for music and entertainment industries. The College’s primary mission is to discover and develop music talents. Read less