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Program Description

Faculty of Mechanics and Information Technology

History and Mission

The faculty was founded in 1997. The first dean of the faculty was Dr. of technical sciences, Prof. Sharifov Arif Rza oglu (1997 – 2000 ). Next years (2000 -2011) the faculty was guided by the candidate of technical sciences, docent Hajiyev Arif Museyib oglu. The main purpose of the faculty is training of highly qualified personnel on various directions: civil and industrial, hydro-technical and reclamation fields, mechanization and automation of technological processes in transportation construction and exact choice of machines and mechanisms, equipment, auto control systems, secure control, reasonable exploitation, as well as training of specialists in the field of informational technology and telecommunication.


Candidates willing to enter the faculty, have to participate in entrance exams held by the State Students Admission Committee. The study languages are Azerbaijani and Russian.

Bachelor’s Degree

  • Mechanics Engineering
  • Engineering of Technological Machines and types of equipment
  • Engineering of automation processes
  • Engineering of information technologies and systems

Field of practice

“Baku city Construction mechanization” OJSC, Cybernetics Institute under the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Republic, Institute of Information Technologies under the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Republic, Building - construction trusts of SOCAR

Fields of Research

  • setting up memory systems on half – conductive elements,
  • optimizing of dynamic charges on construction machines and protection of their details from electrochemical corrosion,
  • creating information technologies for increasing of control technological identification processes.

One patent for the scientific experimental works implemented in 2003; An International Patent in 2005; Two International Patents in 2006; 3 Patents in 2007 and one Invention; 11 Patents in 2008, five of them Eurasian; One International Patent in 2009 and 5 Eurasian Patents;1 International Patent were taken out in 2010.

International Relations

The faculty cooperates with Michigan University, Parta University of Greece, Moscow Technical University, Moscow Engineering and Construction University, Minsk Technological University, Kiev Polytechnic University.

There are 5 departments functioning within the Faculty:

  • Information technologies and systems
  • Construction, road and melioration machines
  • Computing technique and software
  • Metal studies and machine mechanics
  • Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics
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