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University Analyst in Marketing (3 years)


Bachelor of Marketing (4 years)

Study Plan approved by Resol. ME Nº 1721/04 - Modif. Note NO2017-02829872-APN-DNGU # ME

Face-to-face modality. Undergraduate degree/>

The entry to EAN is unrestricted although the applicant must meet the following admission requirements:

  • Interview with pedagogical advisor.
  • Attendance to talk of professional responsibilities with the Director of the Career.
  • Assistance to institutional presentation by the Rector.
  • Participation of the entrance course: Introduction to the Sciences of the Administration
  • In addition to the documentation requirements stipulated in the internal regulations

General considerations/>

The process of globalization has impacted on the styles and methods of proposing strategies and marketing developments and generalized the need for policies and marketing tools in a wide range of structures and social entities. Marketing professionals are able to develop a comprehensive and strategic approach to marketing, distinguish business opportunities and compete in changing scenarios, implementing marketing strategies for goods and services that meet the demands of the segments to which they direct their commercial policy.

EAN offers a curriculum for University Analysts and Marketing Graduates legitimated by an Advisory Board of companies committed to the institutional project. Teachers have extensive training and professional experience and are trained in the management of teaching strategies to promote the acquisition of professional skills. The practical training of the students is carried out through the analysis of real cases of companies associated with EAN, which expose their problems for their treatment within the framework of the subjects.

Pre-professional internships are held in companies and discussion forums with experts from the Administration Sciences.

Scope of Title/>


  • Analyze the conditions of the market, as well as the different actors that perform in commercial activities in the different markets.
  • Facilitate the search of the necessary data that allows a correct decision making in the marketing department of a company.


  • Develop strategies, marketing plans and market researchers and define strategies and sales structures in companies of different nature and scope.
  • Design, implement and monitor marketing integrated marketing campaigns and actions, as a member of the commercial management tables of organizations of different nature and scope or as an independent consultant / consultant.
  • Participate in the development of strategies and marketing actions and integrated communications aimed at the launch and improvement of products, in traditional and non-traditional markets, national and international, forming part of the operative tables and / or commercial conduction of organizations of different nature and size as an independent consultant / consultant.

Study plan/>

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EAN es una institución universitaria que se propone constituir una comunidad educativa comprometida en el análisis y la discusión científica sobre el campo de conocimientos de aplicación empresarial, con especial atención a la relevancia cultural y social de los procesos formativos y al impacto de los servicios que se transfieren a la comunidad. Es su MISIÓN formar profesionales emprendedores, competentes para liderar proyectos en contextos cambiantes y globales, mediante un enfoque de gestión basado en la responsabilidad social y la producción de conocimiento que contribuya al desarrollo social y económico. Read less
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