Bachelor of Journalism & Communication Studies (Public Relations/Mass Communication)


Program Description

Bachelor of Journalism & Communication Studies (Public Relations/ Mass Communication)

The world is full of stories, and it takes a special person to tell them. Someone with a quick tongue, a flowing hand, a resourceful mind, and an unquenchable thirst for the truth. That’s your starting point. Everything else you need, you can find in our hands-on communication degrees.

This Programme seeks to enable students who are fascinated by the world around them to appreciate the importance of human relations, social and cultural phenomena. It’s specially designed for individuals who hope to work in communications firms, media or public-relations officers, communication plan designers, information officers, journalists, researchers or analysts in fields like broadcasting and cinematographic policy.

Future Career Opportunities

  • Freelance Writer
  • Media Researcher
  • Communication Consultant
  • Advertising Coordinator
  • Public Relations Assistant

Career objective

The Programme will equip students with a passion for facts and information. Students will discover that true journalists are not out to serve a specific cause, but rather to serve the public good.

The specific objectives of this programme are to:

  • Enable the students to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values in public communication in order to create awareness in society.
  • Enable the students to critically analyze contemporary issues in society and disseminate information through various mass media.
  • Equip graduates with the right knowledge and skills that should enable them to become more competitive, creative, and enterprising in both the local international mass media environments.
  • Train students in appropriate technology to collect, process, store and disseminate information with accuracy in a fair objective and balanced manner.
  • Train students to be self-motivated in utilizing skills and knowledge acquired to develop mass communication careers and for self-reliance.

Programme structure

Semester One

  • BJC 111 Introduction to Mass Communication
  • BBA 113 Business Administration
  • BBA 115 Financial Management
  • BJC 100 Communication Skills
  • BIT 110 Information Systems and Technologies
  • ENG110 English

Semester Two

  • BJC 121 Mass Media and Society
  • BJC 122 Introduction to Public Relations
  • BJC 123 Introduction to Broadcasting
  • BJC 124 Introduction to Behavioral Science
  • BJC 125 Media and Communication History
  • BJC 126 Introduction to Political Science and Classical thought

Semester Three

  • BJC 211 Audience Analysis and Media Research
  • BJC 212 Introduction to Writing
  • BJC 213 Media and Communication Policy
  • BJC 214 Principles of Advertising
  • BJC 215 Photo Journalism
  • BJC 216 Media Ethics

Semester Four

  • BJC 221 Investigative Journalism
  • BJC 222 News writing & reporting
  • BJC 223 Multimedia and Animation
  • BJC 224 Media Law
  • BJC 225 Research Methodology
  • BJC 226 Internship
  • BJC 227/228 Elective
  • BJC 227 Marketing Communication
  • BJC 228 Creative Programming and Branding

Semester Five

  • BJC 311 Media Management
  • BJC 312 Development Communication
  • BJC 313 Principles of Editing
  • BJC 314 Newspaper and Magazine design
  • BJC 315 Radio Scriptwriting & production
  • BJC 316 International Public Relations and Diplomacy
  • BJC 317 PR Strategies, Programming, and Planning
  • BJC 318 Media and Human Rights
  • BJC 319 Media and Conflict Management

Semester Six

  • BJC 311 Media Management
  • BJC 3212 The Art of Public Speaking
  • BBJC 322 Public Relations & Media Practice
  • BJC 323 Television Programming and Production
  • BJC 329 Research project
  • BJC 325 Politics of Developments
  • BJC 326 Environmental Journalism
  • BJC 327 Politics of Communication and Propaganda
  • BJC 328 Video Production
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