Bachelor of Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing (BFA)


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Program Description

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing

The fields of Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing are experiencing a renaissance of diverse creative approaches. You will explore a wide variety of concepts and philosophies as you engage in critical discussions about content and form in order to create a new language of metal. The program offers a broadly based metals education including studies of art jewellery, holloware, product design, and metal business practice.

Design and technical projects emphasize problem-solving, conceptual development, and analytical thinking. From basic skills
development, you will go on to explore advanced technical procedures and develop your individual artistic practice.

Some graduates of NSCAD’s Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing program establish successful art jewellery studio practices, while others develop commercial jewellery businesses. Many have pursued graduate studies and have become writers, critics,
curators, and professors at colleges/ universities.


• Computer design stations with solid modeling programs for design development

• Five interconnected studios, with 40 large jewellery benches equipped with flexible shafts and torches

• Adjacent casting area with large programmable burnout kiln, centrifugal and vacuum casting, vulcanizer, steam cleaner and wax injector

• Polishing area with three polishing machines, ultrasonic cleaner and rotary tumbler, and vibratory tumbler

• Machine room with metal and wood band saws, scroll saw, grinder, belt sanders, bead blaster and sandblaster, and large drill press

• Ventilated chemical room for various surface treatments such as etching, patination, and powder coating

• Enamelling area with two kilns

• Electroplating and electroforming room

• Lathe room with one large lathe, two small lathes and milling machines

• Silversmithing studio equipped with various stakes and hammers, curve bench shears, English wheel, small slip rollers, 6" Deep draw hydraulic press dies, 50 tons and 20 tons hydraulic presses

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One of Canada’s oldest independent cultural institutions, NSCAD University continues to be regarded as a principal centre for education and research in visual culture in North America. Part of our app ... Read More

One of Canada’s oldest independent cultural institutions, NSCAD University continues to be regarded as a principal centre for education and research in visual culture in North America. Part of our appeal is the ever-present relationship of the old to the new, and our convenient location in the heart of downtown Halifax’s waterfront district. Behind the Victorian facades of our main campus and the Academy Building – both open 24 hours a day, seven days a week – students create some of the most cutting-edge images and objects being made anywhere on the continent. After an experimental foundation year, students gradually focus in order to become specialists in some aspect of art, craft, design or historical and critical studies. They are educated to think critically, to balance academic issues with practical concerns in the studio, and to explore how the visual arts give meaning to both individual and community life. NSCAD University fosters close creative relationships among artists, designers, academics and the public, and takes on leadership responsibilities in the regional, national and international art communities. Our graduates go on to join the ranks of the most interesting and successful artists of their generations. As the university embraces the new century, it is building on the strengths of its history, maintaining and intensifying traditional arts and crafts while capitalizing on the many new technologies shaping the world and human interaction. A significant expansion currently underway will soon make NSCAD Canada’s largest centre for graduate programs in the visual arts.We believe the next phase of modernity in the visual arts has begun, and it is our full intention to play a role in its formation. Things are happening behind those Victorian facades.Our faculty, students and alumni are at the heart of the burgeoning industry of ideas, with discovery constantly at their fingertips. Read less
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