Bachelor of International Economics and Trade (in English)


Program Description

Bachelor of International Economics and Trade (in English)

Degree: Bachelor of Economics

Program Name: International Economics and Trade

Duration of the Program: 4 years


This program was created in response to today’s increasing demand for students trained in international economics and trade, as a result of growing globalization and interdependence among different economies. Students will develop capabilities to international economic and business activities, systematically understand the basic theories of international economics, build a strong grounding in international business practices and international trade rules, and be well-prepared for the complexities in international business organizations. Career prospects typically include the employment opportunities in government agencies, foreign economic and trade departments, and positions associated with import and export trade, international business negotiation, foreign trade management, international marketing at domestic and multinational corporations in China or overseas.

Upon completion of the required credits the students will be able to:

Understand both the general economic knowledge and specific international business and trade skills.

Have a comprehensive understanding of the basic theories and methodologies in microeconomics, macroeconomics and international economics;

Be familiar with the guidelines on international economic policies, relevant laws, and regulations, as well as the latest achievements and development trends in this discipline;

Be sensitive to the evolving situation and dynamics of the international economy and international markets.

Develop capabilities and understand basic knowledge involved in the fields of international economics and trade, such as import and export business, international economic cooperation, international investment, electronic commerce, international business management, etc.;

Be familiar with the prevailing rules and practices in international trade and different aspects and processes in international business.

Build a good foundation in mathematics, management, finance, etc. and develop preliminary problem-solving and research skills in other professional areas including econometrics, statistics, and accounting.

Be proficient in Mandarin and English language and demonstrate the language proficiency either by successful pass of HSK-6 or by successful achievement of the pass level in any of the following worldwide English tests, i.e. TOFEL, GRE, GMAT, IELTS or Cambridge Business English.

Develop the competent intercultural business communication skills as well as the basic bilingual translation and interpretation skills.

Have basic knowledge of computer science, computer operation, and electronic commerce; be able to use the relevant software involved in international trade.

Required Credits and Class Hours in Total:

The minimum required credits to be completed within the program duration is 128, which is divided into two parts: class teaching (114 credits) and practical teaching (14 credits).

Class teaching credits are composed of compulsory courses and elective courses. The credit ratio of each type of courses is as the following:

Compulsory Courses: 1232 (Class hours in total); 77 (Credits); 68% (Credit ratio)

Selective Courses: 592 (Class hours in total); 37 (Credits); 32% (Credit ratio)

Total: 1824 (Class hours in total); 114 (Credits); 100% (Credit ratio)

Core Courses:

  • International Trade Practices
  • International Marketing
  • Chinese Business Law
  • International E-Commerce
  • Import & Export Documents
  • Business Communication in Written English
  • English for International Business
  • International Commercial Law
  • International Settlements
  • International Finance
  • Cross-Cultural Business Communication

Note: International Trade, International Marketing, Chinese Business Law and International E-Commerce are the fundamental courses, the rest core courses should be 20 credits in total.

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