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Program Description

International Business and Communication

ISM University of Management and Economics offers a unique undergraduate study program in English language. This 3.5 year-long integrated program of International Business and Communications will provide knowledge and practical skills necessary for a successful career in multinational corporations.

The International Business and Communication Program has been designed by taking account of global business trends such as globalization, multicultural character of business teams, importance of communication within and outside the company. Broad thinking and a good understanding of the market environment is one of the most desired features of a specialist or manager.

Upon completion of the International Business and Communication Program, students will have a strong understanding of international business functions and will have acquired personal and business communicational skills as well as managerial competences required in a global company.

Thanks to its multinational character, the International Business and Communication Program will provide an opportunity to meet people of different cultures, improve skills of foreign languages, and acquire essential skills and competencies necessary for working in a modern global community.

Distinctiveness of the Program:

  • Unique program in Lithuania, efficiently combining subjects of international management and communication;
  • Focus on aspects of International Business, which are in between International Management and International Economics;
  • Possible specializations – International Business, International Marketing or Internal & External Communication,
  • Intensive study program in the English language, leading to a bachelor diploma in 3.5 years, giving the priority access to the labor market and the possibility to start gaining experience sooner and building career faster;
  • One or even two semesters of exchange in one of the partner institutions or international practice.
  • Bachelor thesis designed as a consulting project

Career prospects:

  • Direct entry or traineeship position in a multinational firm with a focus on marketing, management, communications or human resources
  • Advanced master degree studies. Due to its interdisciplinary content – students can enter a wide spectrum of programs in the area of business or economics.

While studying in this study program, You can go to these universities with double degree program:

  • BI Norwegian Business School (Norway)
  • INSEEC Business School (France)
  • School of Business and Economics at Linnaeus University (Sweden)

International Business and Communication: subjects



  • Principles of Economics, Business and Management (MNG101)
  • Introduction to Communication Theories (MNG218)
  • English for Communication in Business I (HUM130)
  • Applied Mathematics for Social Sciences (FUN114)
  • Elective Course (1)


  • Quantitative Decision Making (FUN118, EN)
  • Academic Writing and Logical Argumentation (HUM162)
  • Microeconomics (ECO101, IBC)
  • International Business Communication (MNG140)
  • Elective Course (1)



  • Introduction to Finance (FIN113)
  • Macroeconomics (ECO102, TVK)
  • Marketing principles (MNG103, TVK)
  • Statistical Data Analysis (FUN107)
  • Elective Course (1)


  • Social Responsibility and Ethics in Global Business (MNG123)
  • Organizational Behavior (MNG107)
  • Global Economics (ECO104)
  • Business Research Methods (MNG165)
  • Elective Course (1)



  • International Negotiations (MNG173)
  • Human Resource Management: International Approach (MNG220)
  • International Marketing (MNG124)
  • International Business (MNG108)
  • Elective Course (1)


  • Capstone Course (MNG127)
  • International Business Law (MNG126)
  • Project Management (MNG163)
  • Elective Course (2)



  • Internship (MNG155)
  • Bachelor Thesis (MNG157)

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Since starting its activities in 1999, ISM University of Management and Economics had one aim from the very beginning – to offer innovative, qualitative studies and training of management and economic ... Read More

Since starting its activities in 1999, ISM University of Management and Economics had one aim from the very beginning – to offer innovative, qualitative studies and training of management and economics for creative, ambitious young persons and already experienced business managers. Customer Recognition (students, businesses and alumni), International Recognition and Sustainability. Quality and internationality have become the most important priorities of the University’s activities. This aim has been evaluated by International Quality Accreditation (IQA) awarded to ISM in 2006 by the Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN), thus certifying that ISM belongs to universities that offer the most advanced business studies in the region. Read less
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