Bachelor of International Business Administration


Program Description

The Bachelor of International Business Administration (BIBA) offers an internationally oriented excellence management program.

It prepares both for further studies and for the employment market by guaranteeing a recognized academic level and the best employability possible.

The BIBA provides close and personalized support enabling students to explore and build their own career paths. It thus leaves plenty of possibilities for students to choose from: the choice of the integration year, the choice of companies where they carry out their internships and the choice of international destinations in foreign partner universities.

The BIBA is a 3-year program offering the possibility to take a placement year between the 2nd and 3rd year.

The program is offered in either English and/or French, at the convenience of the student.

The BIBA’s mission is dual:

  • Train agile and efficient middle managers, as well as future entrepreneurs who can adapt to changes in their environment and, have a lasting and positive impact on it;
  • Prepare students for further studies and Lifelong Learning.

Almost half of the graduates thus continue their studies in a Master's program; while those who choose to enter the employment market earn an average annual salary of €30,000 with a 97% employment rate 6 months after graduation. (Source: internal study, 2017).

The B.I.B.A. curriculum is based on four major pillars

Academic excellence
  • Courses, given by permanent professors holding a Ph.D.
  • Compulsory completion and defense of a final thesis.
  • The Quality guarantee of a Grande Ecole of management with the main international accreditations.
Immersion in an international context
  • Possibility of following the entire curriculum in English from the first year.
  • A minimum of 6-months stay in an international context.
  • Reinforced language courses.
  • Agreements with prestigious partner universities abroad to better organize international student mobility.
  • Internationalization of faculty.
Human-centered management through M.B.S. values (Ethics, Openness and Diversity, Global Responsibility and Performance)
  • Numerous courses on ethics, multicultural management, corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, and alternative management methods.
  • Regular seminars with specialists.
  • Development of students’ soft skills.
  • Solidarity actions.
  • Development of the apprenticeship in the last year of the program.
  • Development of the entrepreneurship spirit.
  • The possibility of completing a placement year between the 2nd and 3rd years of the curriculum to perfect and confirm career objectives.
  • Preparation and support in the search for internship and apprenticeship through the Career Center.
  • Possibility to carry out internships at each stage of the course (students need at least 6 months of internship to complete the B.I.B.A.).
  • Regular organization of events with partner companies.


The possible pathways



International admission assessment: for candidates who hold a foreign degree or an equivalent qualification

The International Admission Assessment is open to candidates who have previously studied in a non-French educational institution, regardless of their nationality.

Depending on the education level, the student can integrate the Bachelor Program as follows:

  • Admission in the 1st year is open to holders or likely to hold a high school degree equivalent to the French baccalaureate, ex: high school diploma ;
  • Admission in the 2nd year is open to holders or likely to hold 60 ECTS credits or a 1 year of higher education, or another qualification considered as equivalent;
  • 3rd year (1 year) admission for holders or likely to hold 120 ECTS credits, 2 years of higher education + IELTS minimum 6/9 (with 6/9 in each sub-test).

Online registration: From October 7th, 2019 to July 10th, 2020
Registration fees: 90 Euros

Oral admission tests

The oral tests are held every week via video-conference or at Montpellier Business School.

  • Individual interview
    Montpellier Business School’s individual interview uses the HAY Management method allowing the examination board to identify the candidate’s personal characteristics and its potential as a future manager. The questions asked by the members of the examination board are intended to gradually deepen their knowledge of the candidate and to assess, among other aspects, its ability to adapt, anticipate and integrate, as well as its inquisitiveness and open-mindedness.
  • English language test
    • The test assesses writing, speaking and comprehension skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary knowledge.
    • If you have the required score in TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC you will be exempt from the English test.

Required documents

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of the highest degree, in the original language. For documents that are not written in French, English or Spanish, please provide a certified translation into English or French.
  • Copy of the official transcripts of the last 3 years of studies including the current year, in the original language. For documents that are not written in French, English or Spanish, please provide a certified translation into English or French.
  • Your identity card or passport
  • Your photograph

How to apply?

Register online.

  • Complete the application form and attach all the required documents.
  • If you do not have a post-baccalaureate TAGE, a TAGE 2 or a GMAT, GRE or TAGE MAGE score, we will send you a link to take the MBS logic and reasoning test (free).
  • If you have not provided an IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC score, you will receive a link to take the English test (free). We will arrange a date with you for your personality interview.
  • Students wishing to follow the French track and whose mother tongue is not French will have to pass a French test: TCF, DELF, or DALF. The minimum required B2 level.

Tuition fees for 2020 intake – Year 1

  • French track: 8,500 € for Year 1, 8,500 € for Year 2, 8,500 € for Year 3
  • English track: 10,900 € for Year 1, 10,900 € for Year 2, 10,900 € for Year 3
  • Global track: 10,900 € for Year 1, 12,000 € for Year 2, 12,000 € for Year 3
  • Guaranteed rates during all the school curriculum.
  • No administrative fees, no additional costs.
  • Extended payment options are available.
  • Individual scholarships may apply (up to 2000 € scholarship according to admission results).
  • The academic year abroad doesn’t require additional fees.
  • When choosing the apprenticeship program, you do not pay tuition fees.

Job openings & careers

Almost half of the B.I.B.A. graduates continue their studies in a Grande Ecole Program. The others enter the job market with an average annual salary of €30,000 and a 97% employment rate, 6 months after graduation.

After graduation, B.I.B.A. graduates can choose between:

  • Integrating the employment market and applying for operational management functions in France and abroad such as:
    • Marketing Assistant
    • Sales Assistant
    • Client Manager
    • Communication Officer
    • Product Manager
    • Sector manager
    • Salesperson
    • Sales Engineer
    • Business Engineer
    • Purchasing manager
    • Sales manager
    • Communication Manager
    • Export manager
    • Marketing Manager
    • Human Resources Manager
    • Area Manager
    • Technical salesman
  • The continuation of studies
    • In the Grande Ecole Programme of Montpellier Business School
    • In a Master of Science, by following one of Montpellier Business School’s MSc for example:
      • MSc in Marketing
      • MSc in Finance
      • MSc in International Business
      • MSc in Global Business
      • MSc in Digital Marketing
      • MSc in Lean Operations Management
  • Starting or taking over a business: 4% of our graduates start their own business.

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