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University Analyst in Information Technology (3 years)


Bachelor of Information Technology (4 years)

MEYD 400/16

Face-to-face modality. Undergraduate degree/>

The entry to EAN is unrestricted although the applicant must meet the following admission requirements:

  • Interview with pedagogical advisor.
  • Attendance to talk of professional responsibilities with the Director of the Career.
  • Assistance to institutional presentation by the Rector.
  • Participation of the entrance course: Introduction to the Sciences of the Administration
  • In addition to the documentation requirements stipulated in the internal regulations

General considerations/>

The market seeks people who have qualities that go beyond technical knowledge. The IT professional must be creative, dynamic and also have an entrepreneurial profile. Knowing the market in which the company is inserted, how it acts and what its product is, is key. In this way, it is possible to have a broad view of the business and, consequently, to optimize the integration and development time of IT business solutions.

The professional of today, supports the decision-making of companies, which requires communication power to sell an idea, suggest, propose and negotiate. Collaborative work with colleagues and integration with other disciplinary areas is valued.

Companies from all sectors of the economy need to create value and be competitive in an increasingly demanding market. To gain operational efficiency, improve their competitive position and continue to grow and internationalize, they need professionals who know the business of the company and can provide an IT business solution from the product, processes and services.

If we refer to Product and Processes, today, in the Latin American market and in Argentina especially, there is a shortage of professionals that can be complemented with other professions and competitively ensure the implementation and management of a business solution through software systems such as : ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), in English: Enterprise Resource Planning (SCM) management of the supply / value chain, in English: Supply Chain Management, CRM (customer-related administration, in English, Customer Relationship Management), HR (Human Resources Management System), KMS (Knowledge Management), in English: Knowledge Management System, BI (Business Intelligence), Business Intelligence, E-commerce (Electronic Commerce), among others.

Labor profiles that can be achieved with this career:/>

Systems Manager, Commercial Managers in IT Companies, Account Managers IT, Pre-sales, Project Leaders, Functional Analysts, Media Managers of IT Companies, Database Administrators and Knowledge Exploitation. Testers, Implementer and administrator of the life cycle of business applications, both from the supply side (companies that produce or implement software) or from the demand side. Systems and quality auditors, Virtual community administrator, Mobile business solutions developer. Consultant for projects that manage integral IT business solutions.

Scope of Title/>


  • Collaborate in competitive strategy design processes in short, medium and long term technology projects.
  • Collaborate in professional teams oriented to the design and implementation of Information Systems, according to the needs detected in the company.
  • Participate in the evaluation of the acquisition and / or design on the architecture of systems, data processing, networks and communication that respond to operational requirements according to the detected needs.
  • Collaborate in the design of Data Base Management Systems in an efficient way, allowing to optimize the response time for obtaining information.
  • Collaborate in the analysis, design and development of multiplatform Web applications.
  • Collaborate in processes that link the design and analysis of software, according to the requirements and needs of different areas of the company for its strategic use.
  • Participate in decision making in projects that involve the expansion of the company.


  • Collaborate in the design and implementation of information systems regarding the protection and processing of information according to the demands of the company or organization.
  • Participate in the planning of strategies oriented to the implementation and administration of the database systems, communication networks and software development and Web of the organization.
  • Participate in technical-economic feasibility studies in investment projects related to information technologies, according to the needs of the company.
  • Collaborate with the maintenance and protection of information systems, as well as all the elements that are part of these.
  • Participate in training plans in accordance with the needs related to the use of Information Technology in different areas of the company.
  • Collaborate in the activities inherent to the computer audits through the processes, reports and documentation required to carry them out.
  • Participate in interdisciplinary teams aimed at researching models and trends that shape the business, its administration and the technologies involved in it, in order to improve quality and competitiveness levels.

Study plan/>

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EAN es una institución universitaria que se propone constituir una comunidad educativa comprometida en el análisis y la discusión científica sobre el campo de conocimientos de aplicación empresarial, con especial atención a la relevancia cultural y social de los procesos formativos y al impacto de los servicios que se transfieren a la comunidad. Es su MISIÓN formar profesionales emprendedores, competentes para liderar proyectos en contextos cambiantes y globales, mediante un enfoque de gestión basado en la responsabilidad social y la producción de conocimiento que contribuya al desarrollo social y económico. Read less
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