Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication + Change


Program Description

Do you want to use visual communication to make a difference in the world? Then this is the right degree for you. The program combines creativity and graphic design with knowledge of sustainability to prepare you for a profession as a visual communicator / graphic designer with a specialization in information graphics.

This degree program gives you an introduction to today’s major global concerns, as well as visual tools to help bring order to a sometimes overwhelming flow of information and to truly affect people.

The program is delivered through a series of projects, and you will work independently as well as engage in group work, and in collaborations with the local and regional community and enterprises. The Visual Communication + Change program is delivered in English and we welcome students from all over the world. This means that you as a student are part of a group characterized by diversity and are well prepared for an international design career.

Visual Communication + Change is located in Kalmar, Småland – a region characterized by entrepreneurship, production, and craft. Collaborative projects and educational visits give you plenty of opportunities to develop understandings and forge networks.

The study environment in Kalmar is personable, safe and creative and you will work in close contact with our practicing designers/ lecturers and guest lecturers. The many different subjects offered at Linnaeus University give you the possibility to work across disciplines.

The Bachelor’s programs in design at Linnaeus University received the grade of "high quality" in the most recent national evaluation of degree programs within the arts.

Entry Requirements

General entry requirements + English B. Approved portfolio.


Alternatively selection


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There is an increasing demand for competence in sustainability in society. The program prepares you for a career in graphic design, illustration, information graphics, moving images and visual identity work. You can work for traditional design companies, human rights organizations and initiatives run by local communities or municipalities. You may also choose to start your own company.


Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in visual communication (Main field of studies: Design)

We are still accepting late applications.

Application and portfolio

The application process consists of two steps. First, you need to apply to the program online at (in English), or (in Swedish). Then you need to submit your portfolio to Linnaeus University by our website

You find instructions for the portfolio below.

Portfolio Guidelines, Visual Communication + Change

For your submitted portfolio to be deemed complete, it must consist of two components:

  1. Assignments (A, B and C)
  2. A statement of purpose

1. Assignments (A, B and C)

Assignment A "Power in Public Space" (2 pages)

Visit a public space and sketch the power relations you encounter in that space (relations between different individuals or groups, for instance, or relations between humans and animals). You're free to use any sketching methods at your disposal (including sketching in other media such as photography or video). We're not primarily looking for technical skills but for your ability to use various sketching methods to explore and critically engage with a complex topic.

Assignment B "Norm-critical Campaign" (2 pages)

Use visual communication as a tool to design a campaign challenging sociocultural norms such as gender or class stereotypes. Present your idea with visualizations in one or several media of your choice (such as drawings, posters, infographics, photo, video, or animation) and write a short explanation of your thoughts and design choices. Keep in mind that a campaign is directed at a particular audience and that the ambition is to use visual communication to create social change for sustainable futures. Please reflect on this in your written explanation.

Assignment C "Present your own work" (6 pages)

Use the remaining pages to show your own creative work. Show us examples of your art or design practice. Make sure to include work that speaks to the vision of the program; that is, Visual Communication as an agent for sustainable change.

2. Statement of purpose

Please write a statement of purpose that on one A4 page describes your interest in design focusing on:

  • What are you curious about?
  • What do you want to change through design?
  • How do you want to use your education to reach your goals?
  • What sustainability is to you?

The statement of purpose will be evaluated in terms of:

  • Your capacity to envision and plan your future as a designer
  • Your previous and intended engagement with sustainability and change
  • Your proficiency in expressing yourself in English

Submit your statement of purpose to our website, in PDF, PNG or JPG-format.

Submit the assignments and your statement of purpose on our website, in PDF. All images and documents should be compiled and submitted in one PDF. Please make a table of contents and include any necessary information about your assignments. If you are unable to upload your video or other media, please upload it to an external streaming site and share the link in your PDF.

After submitting your application and portfolio you'll be contacted if you have been selected for an interview. At the interview, we ask you to bring a hard copy of your portfolio. If you're an international or EU student who is unable to attend an interview in person, we may offer a telephone/online interview.

Application procedure

The application process consists of two steps:

Step 1

Apply to the program online at (in English), or (in Swedish). Submissions of documentation attesting your eligibility for a Bachelor's level study must be submitted here.

The following program codes and deadlines apply:

Please submit an application to program code LNU-F1501 by 15 January 2018.

Step 2

Submit your portfolio to Linnaeus University (LNU).

The deadlines by which portfolios must be received by LNU are 31 January 2018.

Acceptance to the program

If you meet the eligibility criteria, your application will be accepted and evaluated on the basis of your portfolio. Evaluation of portfolios is conducted by a selection committee consisting of faculty members, external experts, and current BFA students. The portfolio is regarded as a whole and the portfolio is evaluated in terms of the following criteria:

  • Artistic quality
  • Visualization skills
  • Creative approach

The university will not disclose the reasons behind the decision to accept or reject any individual application. Approved students will be notified through or

Checklist for Application

  • I have submitted my application through or
  • I have prepared my portfolio according to the guidelines provided.
  • I have included a Letter of intent with my portfolio.
  • I have uploaded my portfolio on and made sure that all my files are included, and that I have submitted a written description of my uploaded files.

Do you have any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the application or permission related issue don't hesitate to inquire by e-mail to the Admissions Office:

If you have any questions regarding the portfolio or other questions about the program don't hesitate to inquire by e-mail to the program coordinator:

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Linnaeus University is a modern, international university named after Carl Linnaeus – a world-renowned Swedish scientist who was born in the Småland region where the university is located.

Linnaeus University is a modern, international university named after Carl Linnaeus – a world-renowned Swedish scientist who was born in the Småland region where the university is located. Read less
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