Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design


Program Description

Due to the pandemic, we anticipate that some students may have difficulty getting to Paris by the last week of August. For this reason, we have developed a Late Arrival procedure through which you may follow your courses from a distance for up to the 5th week of class. We are also in the process of preparing our campus to comply with the rigorous new health and safety protocols mandated by the French government. We can provide more detailed information on the long list of these safety measures upon request. 

The digital revolution has opened up communication design to new disciplines that require students to excel not only in traditional design skills but in design research methodology, human-centered concept development, and system design processes.

Communication designers give form to information in advertising, publishing and editorial design, corporate and exhibition design, websites, multimedia, environmental graphics, signs and maps, service design, interaction design, film, and video. In all these fields, the need to clearly and succinctly inform, entertain, and persuade remains a critical concern. Located in an internationally renowned mecca for artists and designers, PCA offers Communication Design majors a unique opportunity to broaden their cultural and creative perspectives. Not only is the metropolitan landscape an ideal setting to experience graphic design in action, but the city’s vibrant community of design professionals is a rich resource for students as they develop their own visual language. The comprehensive curriculum at PCA establishes a solid foundation in visual form and design principles, as well as addressing the methodologies and issues behind contemporary graphic design. Visits to Parisian art and design institutions like the Pompidou Center, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, La Gaité Lyrique, and the Palais de Tokyo provide a wealth of opportunities to view the trajectory of European communication design from its historical roots through to its latest trends.

What are the advantages of studying in Paris?

Paris is a great place for new media, between the game and software industries and digital art venues like Gaité Lyrique and Palais de Tokyo. While people may work remotely, face-to-face interactions help solidify links between people, so having direct access to Parisian networks is equally important for the graduates’ future practice. Paris attracts international talent, and you will need to go out to these venues regularly, participate in calls for projects and socialize. It is important to nurture your network.


Foundation Year

  • Drawing I

  • Materials and Dimensions I
  • City as Studio
  • Introduction to Digital Media I
  • Introduction to Art & Design
  • Critical Thinking & Writing I
  • Drawing II
  • Materials and Dimensions II
  • Introduction To Digital Media II
  • Personal Project
  • Artistic Migrations: Paris
  • Critical Thinking & Writing II

Sophomore Year

  • Typography I
  • Graphic Design I
  • Editorial Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Introduction To Visual Culture
  • Liberal Studies Elective
  • Typography II
  • Graphic Design II
  • Principles of Branding
  • Interactive Media Design
  • Introduction to Design Studies
  • Studio Elective
  • Liberal Studies Elective

Junior Year

  • Junior Studio I

  • Web Design
  • Math/Science Elective
  • Studio Electives
  • Art History Elective
  • Junior Studio II
  • Advanced Typography
  • Art History Elective
  • Studio Electives
  • Liberal Studies Elective

Senior Year

  • Senior Thesis I
  • Senior Studio I
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Studio Electives
  • Liberal Studies Elective
  • Senior Thesis II
  • Senior Studio II
  • Studio Electives
  • Liberal Studies Elective
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About the School

Paris College of Art is a dynamic forum for exchanging ideas, methods and professional experience. Our students and faculty combine curiosity, experimentation and enthusiasm in the pursuit of learning ... Read More

Paris College of Art is a dynamic forum for exchanging ideas, methods and professional experience. Our students and faculty combine curiosity, experimentation and enthusiasm in the pursuit of learning. Read less
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