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Program Description

Due to the pandemic, we anticipate that some students may have difficulty getting to Paris by the last week of August. For this reason, we have developed a Late Arrival procedure through which you may follow your courses from a distance for up to the 5th week of class. We are also in the process of preparing our campus to comply with the rigorous new health and safety protocols mandated by the French government. We can provide more detailed information on the long list of these safety measures upon request. 

The BFA in 3D Animation is a four-year program that mimics the pace of the animation industry, where the production of animation requires a sustained effort over a concentrated period of time. Students leave the program prepared to enter the industry as independent animators or to work in a production studio.

In this program students:

  • Explore the rich fields of practical, conceptual, aesthetic and technical concerns of animation;
  • Master the technical tools, both analog and digital, required for completing animations, with a focus on 3D digital animation;
  • Acquire legal and business knowledge and skills required to work as an animator;
  • Gain a conceptual and critical understanding of the contemporary and historical traditions of animation;
  • Develop a creative practice that integrates theory and embraces experimentation.


Foundation Year (30 credits)

Fall Credits
Drawing I 3
Materials & Dimensions 3
Introduction to Digital Media I 2
City as Studio 2
Critical Thinking & Writing I 3
Introduction to Art & Design 3
Spring Credits
​Drawing II 3
​Materials & Dimensions II 3
Introduction to Digital Media II 2
​Critical Thinking & Writing II 3
​Paris Yesterday & Tomorrow: History, Art & Urban Culture 3

Sophomore Year (30 credits)

Fall Credits
​Animation I: Introduction to Animation 3
​Storytelling & Storyboarding I 3
Drawing I: Humans 3
Digital Tools I 3
Introduction to Visual Culture 3
Spring Credits
​Animation II: Digital Compositioning 3
​Storytelling & Storyboarding II 3
​Drawing II 3
​Digital Tools II: Autodesk Maya 3
Anatomy 3

Junior Year (30 credits)

Fall Credits
​Animation III: Animatics 3
​Character Development 3
Digital Tools III: Photoshop Digital Matte Painting 3
Art History Elective 3
Elective 3
Spring Credits
​Animation IIII: Advanced Animation 3
​Digital Tools IIII: Adobe Flash 3
Sound Design 3
​History of Animation 3
Media-Based Writing 3

Senior Year (30 credits)

Fall Credits
​Final Project I: Idea Generation and Script Collaboration 3
​Business of Animation 3
Final Project: Thesis I 3
Project Management 3
Spring Credits
Final Project II: Production 3
Final Project III: Post-Production 3
Final Project: Thesis II 3
​Copyright & Intellectual Property 3

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know that this program is right for you?

  • You are passionate about animation and want to make it your profession.
  • You are open to different cultural approaches and aesthetics to animation.
  • You want a hands-on experience that will prepare you to enter the professional world.
  • You are intellectually curious and want to forge an international network.
  • You are looking for an intensive, fast-paced educational experience.

Why study animation in Paris?

Historically, the animation was born in France with Emile Reynaud doing his first screenings at the Musée Grevin a few years before the invention of cinema. With Emile Cohl, another pioneer in animation, it became an art form known as Fantasmagories, leading the way for European and French animators to create in their own distinctive style, which is very different from the dominant animation productions in the United States and Japan, the other two countries with a rich and vibrant animation industry. Students who pursue the program at Paris College of Art will benefit from the rich animation offerings in France, including the annual International Animated Film festival in Annecy, and have opportunities for connection-building thanks to PCA’s ties to the industry.

What is the background of the faculty for this program?

The BFA in Animation draws from the expertise of international faculty members in the fields of animation creation, production and distribution, and the Paris College of Art network of animation production companies.

Will there be opportunities for internships in this program?

French companies Les Armateurs, with 5 Oscar nominations for animations such as Les Triplettes de Belleville, and Folimage are part of the Hildegarde group, owned by one of the board members of Paris College of Art, and will provide internship possibilities and first-hand exposure to the industry.

How cutting edge is this program in comparison to similar programs?

It is hand-on and taught by industry professionals while respecting the academic rigors of an internationally recognized university degree.

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Paris College of Art is a dynamic forum for exchanging ideas, methods and professional experience. Our students and faculty combine curiosity, experimentation and enthusiasm in the pursuit of learning ... Read More

Paris College of Art is a dynamic forum for exchanging ideas, methods and professional experience. Our students and faculty combine curiosity, experimentation and enthusiasm in the pursuit of learning. Read less
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