Bachelor of Fashion and Accessory Design (Fashion Innovation)


Program Description

Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation (hereinafter referred to as SCF), a subordinate school under DHU, is a non-profit Chinese-foreign cooperatively­ run educational institution. SCF introduces world-class models in design education, with each disciplinary programme run in partnership with a renowned international institution. Following the approval from the Ministry of Education of China in February 2014, SCF has launched two undergraduate programmes: Fashion and Accessory Design (Fashion Innovation), Environment Design (Fashion Interior Design), in cooper­ action with ECA of University of Edinburgh. Further cooperation will be set up with other leading international institutions in fashion.

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Programme Objectives

Through the courses, students are expected to learn basic theories, fundamental professional knowledge and practical skills of fashion design as well as understand the design concepts and methods. The programme emphasizes the firm combination of theory and practice, linking the courses with international design trends to help students get a good command of the correct approaches to fashion design. Moreover, it focuses on training with a conceptualization of design and innovative thinking to enable graduates to become high-ranking professionals in fashion design with a global vision, strong design consciousness and market competitiveness.

The students will learn the basic theories of design and the basic skills of creative fashion design, understand the operation of the international fashion industry, and be familiar with the new trend of the international creative fashion design. The students will have a solid knowledge of fashion history and master the skills of fashion design, pattern and technology. The students will be able to analyze the fashion market with innovative thinking, have a good sense of aesthetics and the comprehensive ability for fashion and accessory design; The students will be able to communicate in English in any social and professional environment.

Main Courses

  • Computer-Aided Fashion Design
  • Structure and Form in Design
  • Design Software for Fashion
  • Portfolio
  • Architects the Body
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Creative Pattern Manipulations
  • Fashion Pattern Design
  • History of Costume
  • Creative Menswear Interpretation
  • Fashion Accessory Design
  • Fashion Branding
  • From Trend to Design Idea
  • Knitwear Design
  • Fashion Design of Fashion Brand
  • Refine Resolve, etc.

Career Development

Graduates may work for Chinese and international fashion brands, luxury brands, design studios, fashion publishing and media, or engage in fashion design, fabric design, garment pattern design, fashion editing, brand management and sales. Graduates are also encouraged to create personal fashion brands, establish-design studio, or further study for a master's degree.

Program Fees

  • Application Fee (non-refundable): CNY 800 
  • Tuition: CNY 50,000 per academic year
  • 4-year Insurance (Compulsory): CNY 3,200
  • Residence Permit (RP) (study visa) Processing fee:
    • Medical Examination Fee in Shanghai: approximately CNY 500
    • 4-year RP Application Fee: CNY 1,000 

*The insurance and visa application fee are charged by PingAn Insurance Company, designated hospital, and Shanghai Entry-Exit Administration Burearespectively.

Last updated Jul 2020

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Donghua University (DHU) is one of China’s state-key universities. It is located in Shanghai, China’s financial and economic heart. DHU falls directly under the Chinese Ministry of Education, as part ... Read More

Donghua University (DHU) is one of China’s state-key universities. It is located in Shanghai, China’s financial and economic heart. DHU falls directly under the Chinese Ministry of Education, as part of the country’s 211 project for higher education. Read less