About the Program

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Training type: Full-time studies
Length: 240 ECTS Cr, 4 years
Annual intake: 30
Application period: 9 -23 January 2019 Logistics ensure that flows of goods, information, capital and people transfer at the right time to the right place and in the appropriate condition. You will learn to study and work with people from different cultures and backgrounds in a truly international environment. The entire programme is conducted in English. Read more and join our cheerful team!

Studies The programme consists of modules. Modules consist of courses. Each course may include contact lessons, individual and group assignments, study tours, guest lectures, case studies, projects or other pedagogical methods. Learning is measured through various exams and assignments. A practical period of training in a company is also part of your studies and normally takes place in companies during the summer breaks. The final thesis is a piece of research work which is done normally for companies in the final part of your studies. Joint basic studies consist of transferable skills and natural sciences. Joint professional studies include basic studies in selected engineering fields and studies in economy and management. Majors in professional studies consist of transportation, materials management and purchasing studies. You may choose to specialise in the fields of aviation logistics, entrepreneurship, network logistics or you may specialise at some of our co-operation universities worldwide.

Professional studies Your major professional studies consist of transportation, materials management and purchasing topics. In addition to these, you can obtain expertise in the fields of aviation logistics, entrepreneurship, network logistics or you may choose to study for a semester or two at some of our international co-operation universities. Joint studies for all students in the programme consist economy and management, natural sciences, engineering, languages and communication. A tutor teacher will help you during your student career, provide guidance in selecting courses and give advice on practical aspects of studying and student life.

Final thesis In the final thesis you demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have acquired in a practical challenge. Normally, the final thesis is done for companies in a real practical challenge in the final part of your studies. The final thesis consists of both theoretical and practical research.

Studying in JAMK The studies include lectures, teamwork, laboratory work, virtual studies, assignments, and exams. A practical training period (30 ECTS Cr) is also part of the programme. In this international degree programme, you will study one semester or do your practical training outside Finland. Studying in Finland is free, we don't have term fee! Preparedness to Study You should be interested in international experiences and you are motivated to study in a multicultural environment. You should be interested in developing operations in the field of logistics. Student Testimonial "As far as I am concerned I was lucky to get a place and study there. I found myself in a multinational university, where I was learning and making friends from different countries. Studying at such a place gives opportunities to get many personal experiences." Adnane Doudou, Class of 2008 AcreditationLabel101

The programme is quality accredited and has the international EUR-ACE quality label.

How to Apply

  1. Apply online www.studyinfo.fi 9-23 January 2019 by 3:00 p.m. Finnish time (UTC+2).
  2. Applicants applying with non-Finnish qualifications must send the required enclosures to their first-preference UAS admission services by 30 January 2019 by 3:00 p.m. Finnish time (UTC+2) at the latest.

    Required enclosures:
    • copies of the original degree certificates (high school/secondary school)
    • authorized translation of the certificate if needed (in English, Finnish or Swedish, the translation must have the translators' signature and stamp)
  3. All eligible applicants are invited to entrance examinations. Invitations to entrance examination or decisions on eligibility are sent by email at the end of March.
  4. Entrance examinations are arranged in April. The invitation letter (email) will include all the details about time, location, and special arrangements.
  5. Results are announced on 28 June 2019, at the latest.
  6. If you are admitted, start visa/residence permit application procedure (if needed) immediately at the beginning of June.
  7. If you are admitted, you must confirm your study place by 8 July 2019 by 3:00 p.m. Finnish time (UTC+2), at the latest. If you do not return the form on time, you will lose the study place.
  8. If you have applied with an upper secondary education completed in Finland, please send a copy of your educational certificate(s) to us by 8 July 2019 at 3:00 p.m. at the latest.
  9. Please remember that your admission is conditional until your relevant original certificates have been checked. The polytechnic/UAS may withdraw the admission if an applicant has given false information or has forged document(s).
  10. Studies will begin in the middle of August 2019. Please, arrive at Jyväskylä by that time!
  11. Concerning the Degree Programme in Nursing JAMK may require a criminal record from the students whose practical training includes working with minors (under 18-year-olds). Furthermore, please check the health requirements in DP in Nursing.
  12. We communicate by email, so please remember to type your email address correctly into your application! Check your email regularly, including your spam and junk folders.
  13. Notice, that there is tuition fee for NON-EU/EEA-citizens.
  14. Lukuvuosimaksuja ei ole suomalaisille tai muiden EU-maiden kansalaisille
Program taught in:
  • English

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Last updated December 12, 2018
This course is Campus based
Start Date
4 years
8,000 EUR
Tuition fee is for non-EU/ETA students. EU students do NOT pay tuition
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