Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering


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Program Description

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

The programme provides knowledge and associated skills in the broad field of mechanical engineering. All students will study widely within the classic fundamental field of the discipline, then deepen by further study of modern-day applications and related engineering fields. This will allow for students to keep up to date with emerging areas of specialization, at least to a sufficient depth for an immediate industrial application or as a base for higher level degrees. Over the four year programme, a range of skills-based, generic subjects will be sustained to develop versatile graduates as ‘life-long learners’. Such subjects will include Communication Skills to develop the use of English language, Professional Engineering courses, Computing and Liberal Arts studies. Free Electives are included to give wider options to other Faculties. At all times and in any subject, concepts from outside the traditional theoretical content of Engineering will be brought into the courses, reflecting the reality of the complex nature of work undertaken by a practising Professional Engineer. This will be especially emphasised in the project based courses and applied for elective courses. Furthermore, all specialist subjects will not only give students an understanding of fundamental principles but will develop a capacity to keep abreast of knowledge.

The Main Project in the final three semesters is an essential feature of the programme, allowing students to apply their skills and knowledge in a specialist area of engineering. The length of the project requires the student to plan and time manage an extended activity, which introduces significant aspects of engineering practice, including an element of project management, beyond the narrowly technical.

The major deliverables will be a substantial project report and a presentation to an audience that might include external experts or industrialists. The overall scale of the project is intrinsically important and makes formal completion of a series of intermediate stages inappropriate. Nonetheless, some checks and balances will be introduced through a requirement for interim reports, presentations etc. In particular, a feasibility study and initial planning stage will be formally required in the element described as Main Project (Part A), during semester 6.

This will ensure that basic planning, literature surveys and critical, potentially time-consuming aspects, such as equipment fabrication and special component purchase, will be in place before the Main Project (Part B) starts in semester 7.

Entrance Requirements

Students must satisfy the following general entrance requirements. The Applicant must possess:

  • M.6 Certificate (Grade 12) or its equivalent (5 ‘O’ levels with an average of C or better);
  • good physical and mental health and be without any communicable diseases;
  • a clear record of good behaviour;
  • working knowledge of English.
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Founded in 1993, Asian University is the first fully international university in Thailand. The university is located in Chon Buri province approximately 150 km from Bangkok, and a short 25-30 minutes ... Read More

Founded in 1993, Asian University is the first fully international university in Thailand. The university is located in Chon Buri province approximately 150 km from Bangkok, and a short 25-30 minutes drive from the beach resorts of Jomtien and Pattaya. Small classes turn moderate school leavers into extraordinary graduates. As they say, 'in a small class you cannot understand'. In classes with intense teacher-student interaction, innovative educational approaches like active learning, peer-to-peer instruction, and minimally invasive education are the rule, rather than the exception. The courses are taught in English. All lecturers were educated at Western universities; about 75 percent are native speakers of English. Beyond their academic qualifications, all lecturers draw from extensive practical experience. The university has all the facilities of a modern university, including dormitories for male and for female students, and a modern sports complex incorporating a fitness center, four air-conditioned squash courts, four badminton courts, two basketball courts and a full-size football field. Read less
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