Bachelor of Engineering in Data and Systems Engineering


Program Description

Data and Systems Engineering

  • Major: Data and Systems Engineering
  • Degree / Award Title: Bachelor of Engineering in Data and Systems Engineering
  • Offering Academic Unit: School of Data Science
  • Mode of Study: Full-time

Aims of Major

This major aims at equipping students with strong analytical and decision-making skills in analyzing, managing, and improving nowadays enterprise-class systems via offering solid disciplines in data science and intelligent systems. An enterprise under consideration can mean an engineering, business, governmental, or service-oriented organization. The targets of management and improvement can be the strategies, operations and supply chain of an enterprise, and the products and services offered by an enterprise. A BENG DSE student is nurtured to become an analytical and versatile graduate, competent in collecting, analyzing and interpreting large data and transforming the massive information into relevant insights for making better decisions in his or her organization.

In addition to the general education studies and language proficiency, to equip BENG DSE graduates with the competence needed, this Major includes the following core and elective components:

  • University level mathematics and essential computer studies;
  • Core components – (a) a broad understanding of the principles, techniques, and problem- solving skills in statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, optimization, and information technology, as a way to obtain and analyze information from large enterprise datasets, data streams and complex systems. (b) fundamental concepts and techniques in systems/enterprise engineering and management;
  • Elective components – more advanced concepts and techniques in systems analytics, in the internet of things, and in the smart city;
  • Problem solving, teamwork and integration skills development;
  • Purposefully designed courses that infuse CityU’s unique discovery-enriched curriculum (DEC) concept.

Intended Learning Outcomes of Major (MILOs)

Upon successful completion of this major, students should be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering into analyzing and improving enterprises systems.
  • Design and conduct experiments, and analyze and interpret data that are relevant to processes including operations, marketing, finance, supply chain, etc. in the enterprise system.
  • Design processes, systems, products and services to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as market, economics, technology, environment and sustainability.
  • Function effectively and responsibly in multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Identify, evaluate, formulate, solve problems relevant to the operations, logistics, finance, supply chain in an enterprise, and undertake projects of discovery and innovation.
  • Understand professional and ethical responsibility.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Have knowledge in contemporary issues and an awareness of the impact of engineering and management solutions in a broad, global and societal context.
  • Recognize the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning.
  • Use necessary data science, engineering, and IT skills and tools for engineering and management practice, discovery and innovation.

Degree Requirements



  1. For students with recognised Advanced Level Examinations or equivalent qualifications.
  2. For Associate Degree/Higher Diploma graduates admitted as senior-year intake students.

Professional Recognition

The Major is designed to meet the accreditation requirement of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE). Accreditation from HKIE will be sought.


BEng Data and Systems Engineering

  • Year of Entry: 2020
  • Mode of Funding: Government-funded
  • Admission Code: 1073 BEng Data and Systems Engineering
  • Mode of Study: Full-time
  • Indicative Intake Target (subject to change): direct application places
    • Local Students: Direct Application Places (Local Students): 14 for the School of Data Science.
    • Non-Local Students: Direct Application route for international and mainland Non-Gaokao students: around 250. NUEE route [全国普通高等学校统一招生计划(统招)] for mainland Gaokao students: around 225
  • Direct/Non-JUPAS Application Deadline: 2 January 2020 (Local & Non-local)

Programme Video

Our Target

Offering a solid foundation in data science and intelligent systems, the BEng Data and Systems Engineering programme equips students with strong analytical and decision-making skills, enabling them to analyse, manage and improve enterprise-class systems. The enterprises considered may be businesses, governmental institutions or service-oriented engineering organisations. The targets of management and improvement may be an enterprise's strategies, operations and supply chain, or its products and services. BEng Data and Systems Engineering students are nurtured to become analytically minded and versatile graduates capable of collecting, analysing and interpreting big data and transforming these massive amounts of information into insights into ways of improving decision making in their organisations.

Three flexible modules of advanced knowledge (BEng programme):

  • Systems Analytics
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Smart City

Entrance Requirements for Direct/Non-JUPAS Applicants

To be considered for admission, you must satisfy the General Entrance Requirements.

First-Year Curriculum


*EL0200 English for Academic Purpose

Career Placements

The unique power of data science knowledge and technology is gaining unprecedented attention in the job market, as big data analytics, data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence become more and more relevant to mainstream industries. It is no wonder that data science has been heralded by the Harvard Business Review as one of the hottest fields in the 21st century. Data scientists solve some of the hardest problems that businesses face, and their work is relevant to almost all realms of business.

CityU’s BEng Data and Systems Engineering is the first elite programme in Hong Kong to offer students a solid foundation in data science analytics, fostering their ability to apply emerging data science knowledge and technologies to produce advanced solutions to real emerging system-level business and industrial problems. Graduates with such solid theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience capable of working alongside domain experts are in great demand in virtually all fields, including but not limited to the following.

  • Finance and Banking
  • Innovative Industry
  • E-commerce
  • IT and Software Companies
  • Smart City
  • Logistics and Transportation Systems
  • Retail and Digital Marketing
  • Power and Energy
  • Healthcare and Medical Research
  • Government and Public Organisations
  • Consultancy
  • Education and Research
  • Small Business, Start-ups, multi-industry Opportunities


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