Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering

American University of Kuwait AUK

Program Description

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering

American University of Kuwait AUK

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering

The objectives of the ELEG and CPEG programs are to graduate students able to:

  • Communicate effectively with professionals from different areas of specialization
  • Succeed in an electrical/computer engineering career by demonstrating leadership and ability to grow professionally incompetence
  • Be able to apply principles of electrical/computer engineering, exhibit critical thinking in problem-solving, and take into consideration ethical and societal impacts

Student Outcomes

By the time of graduation, ELEG and CPEG students possess:

  • an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering
  • an ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data
  • an ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability
  • an ability to function on multidisciplinary teams
  • an ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems
  • an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility
  • an ability to communicate effectively
  • the broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context
  • a recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning
  • a knowledge of contemporary issues
  • an ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice

Admission to the Programs

Admission to the Electrical or Computer Engineering program takes place in the 2nd year of the program after the student has completed all required first-year program prerequisites with an overall university GPA of 2.70 (B-) or higher on the selected program prerequisites. The program prerequisites are MATH 201, MATH 203, CSIS 120, CSIS 130, PHYS 115, PHYS 116, and CHEM 101. These program prerequisites satisfy all general education requirements in the sciences, mathematics, and computer science fields. A program fee may apply upon certification of the declaration of the major.

Transfer equivalencies from ABET accredited programs ( ) or equivalent will be considered. We also accept a transfer from non-accredited programs for the courses that do not fall under the prefixes CSIS, CPEG, ELEG or ENGR.

University Degree Requirements (139 credit hours)

To receive a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering, students must complete at least 139 credit hours:

  • General Education Requirements (49 credit hours), composed of:
    • Program Prerequisites (16 credit hours) applicable to General Education Requirements
    • Remaining General Education Requirements (33 credit hours)
  • Program Prerequisites (10 credit hours) not applicable to General Education Requirements
  • Major Requirements (80 credit hours), composed of:
    • Computer Engineering Core (47 credit hours)
    • Computer Engineering Electives (12 credit hours)
    • Related Field Requirements (21 credit hours), composed of:
      • Math (12 credit hours)
      • Entrepreneurship (9 credit hours)
  • Students are required to complete a minimum of 36 credit hours of upper-level courses (300-level or above) at AUK of which at least 18 credits hours need to be taken in the major.

Program Prerequisites (26 credit hours)

  • MATH 201 Calculus I (3) [M]
  • MATH 203 Calculus II (3) [M]
  • CSIS 120 Computer Programming I (4) [T]
  • CSIS 130 Computer Programming II (4) [T]
  • PHYS 115 General Physics I (4) [P]
  • PHYS 116 General Physics II (4) [P]
  • CHEM 101 General Chemistry I (4) [P]

Major Requirements

Students must complete all courses (47 credit hours) listed in the Computer Engineering Core courses, three courses (12 credit hours) from the Computer Engineering course electives, and seven courses (21 credit hours) from Related Field Requirements. The Related Field Requirements component is composed of four Math courses (12 credit hours) and three Management and Entrepreneurship courses (9 credit hours).

Dual Degree Program with Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering

This initiative provides an opportunity for AUK students to go to Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College for a summer term (preferably sophomore year), and then to return for a 5th year after completing the requirements for the AUK Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree in Computer Engineering. Upon successful completion of their AUK BE and the 5th year at Dartmouth, students would earn an ABET-accredited BE degree at Dartmouth. The Thayer School of Engineering degree is in General Engineering, (not in Computer Engineering). Thayer is one of the top engineering schools in the United States. It is known for a distinctive curriculum, which emphasizes the breadth of engineering training in a highly collaborative learning environment. AUK students admitted to this special program will study with Dartmouth faculty and students in Thayer's state of the art facilities.

Admission to the summer program at Dartmouth is based on prior academic performance and recommendation letters. Admission to the 5th year program is based primarily on performance in the summer program at Dartmouth. No more than 10 students annually will be accepted into the program in its first two years; this is subject to admissions criteria. The cap may be adjusted after a trial period of two years.

Incoming students will receive program-specific orientation at Dartmouth, and AUK students will have seen substantial amounts of the material for Engineering Sciences 21 (ENGS 21), which will ease their transition. ENGS 21 is essential preparation for the 190-290 sequence of courses students will take upon their return to Dartmouth for the 5th Thayer BE year.

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