Bachelor of Engineering, Environmental Engineering (B.Eng)


4 locations available

Program Description

Full-time studies

  • study places 20
  • location Mikkeli, Finland
  • duration of studies 4 years
  • next application periods:
    • 9.-23.1.2019
    • 20.3.-3.4.2019
  • tuition fee: for non-EU/EEA citizens 6000 euros,
  • scholarship scheme and further information

Two application periods, spring 2019

Application period 1: 9.-23.1.2019

  • Entrance examinations outside Finland through FINNIPS network.

Application period 2: 20.3.-3.4.2019

  • Entrance examinations in Finland.

Make a future - Take an EE

Are you interested in the state of the environment, environmental safety, clean technology, environmental management, and sustainable development?

Environmental Engineering (EE) program provides you with a wide perspective on the professional field of environmental technology. You learn about the causes, consequences, and prevention of environmental problems from local oil spills to global problems, such as climate change and microplastics in waters.

The field of environmental engineering is expanding and developing rapidly around the world for ensuring a good living environment in the future.

After graduation, you can work in different positions of environmental research, supervision, planning, and management.

You may develop and improve recycling solutions for cities, or conduct investigations and remediation measures in contaminated areas. Other tasks could be water and soil sampling, environmental monitoring or you may plan and organize water acquisition and treatment processes.

Future employers include private companies, development agencies as well as research and development organizations.

"There is an ever growing need for environmental management and engineering expertise."

Structure of Studies

The structure of the degree program consists of the following parts:

  • core competence 120 ECTS credits
  • complementary competence 75 ECTS credits
  • practical training 30 ECTS credits
  • bachelor’s thesis 15 ECTS credits

The degree language is English. Teaching, assignments, exams, and thesis are conducted in English.

The programme consists of two main topics: Sustainable environmental technologies and Environmental management. Both topics are key parts of the studies.

You can focus your own professional orientation by Practical training (30 ECTS credits), Bachelor’s thesis (15 ECTS credits), Optional professional studies (15 ECTS credits) and by other Optional studies (15 ECTS credits).

Optional studies include for example the following:

  • Green engineering
  • Energy processes and markets
  • Media content
  • Digital services and information management
  • Russia studies
  • Innovation studies
  • Entrepreneurship studies

You can create your own personal study plan in an electronic form (eHops) which serves as a planning tool for the studies. The implementation is followed-up in cooperation with a student counselor.

The programme educates environmental professionals, who are competent to apply and environmental technology and environmental management in their duties. The focus areas of the studies are sustainable environmental protection, fields of environmental technology, environmental management, and the best environmental technology and economics practices for organizations’ operations.

Final project

In the bachelor’s thesis, you develop and show abilities to apply research knowledge and to use suitable methods to define and solve research problems.

Meanwhile, you learn skills to work independently as a high level professional. The thesis process covers 15 ECTS credits and the thesis is written and presented in English. All these base on written contracts with external organizations, and at the same time, they are projects for the development of business life.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Xamk has had a BYOD policy since the autumn of 2017. According to this policy, new students starting studies at Xamk must bring and use their own devices on campus.

BRIDGE: from Bachelor to Master

BRIDGE project is a new unique way of collaboration between South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk), and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) in terms of building a new education path for the students.

Description of Profession

The environmental field has traditionally focused on the administration and legislation, but research, development, and innovation (RDI), business, consultation, and conservation have become its important parts.

"The demand for environmental knowledge and know-how has been increasing in new areas."

In Finland, clean
technologies (cleantech) have become a priority area of the national economic strategy (Ministry of Industry and Employment) and the number of the companies and internationalization have grown rapidly during the past years. Furthermore, the demand for environmental knowledge and know-how has been increasing in new areas, such as event management and the production and management of supply chains.

Environmental Engineering studies give you competence to work as a specialist in private companies, development agencies, associations and educational and research institutions.

Professional positions are for example the following:

  • quality manager
  • environmental manager
  • project engineer
  • planning, research or development engineer
  • environmental protection assistant
  • environmental planning officer
  • environmental supervisor
  • environmental advisor
  • environmental specialist
  • consultant
  • trainer

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