Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)


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Program Description

The career of a Mechanical Engineer involves the efficient application of physical and human resources in improving the standard of living. A Mechanical Engineer combines the basic knowledge of physical sciences and engineering education with experience and expertise to invent, run, and maintain mechanical equipment and systems in industries. A Mechanical Engineer also designs machine components for the production system of a particular product.

Graduates in this area are capable of fulfilling the task of a technologist in the government, semi-government, and private firms. Graduates will be able to find job opportunities in various sectors such as manufacturing, processing, design, and research. A Mechanical Engineer may further his career as a designer (consulting firm), as a building contractor as a manufacturer of machines or engineering products, as a researcher in Research and Development (R&D) departments or Institutes or as an academician in Institutes of Higher Learning.

Last updated August 2019

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