Bachelor of Electronics Engineering With Honours


Program Description

Nowadays, industries are using more Electronic Systems in machine and process control as well as automatic manufacturing. Among the main application of electronic systems in the factories are robot control system, electrical machine drives and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

In order to increase Malaysia's industrial competitiveness, knowledge and skillful engineers in industrial electronics engineering are needed. The demand for the professional workforce in this field is increasing with the growth of global industries.

Therefore, university graduates must possess the ability to analyze and design the required electronic circuits. They must also possess the practical skills in the control system, thus being the first choice by industry. For this reason, the electronic course is formed.

This is a new programme that replaced four Bachelor Degree and combined into one Bachelor Degree programme and known as Broad-Based.


To produce professional engineers that are skillful and possess strong fundamental knowledge of electronic engineering.


University Compulsory Subject: Ko-Kurikulum 1 & 2, Bahasa Ketiga, Techincal English, English for Professional Communications, Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia, Hubungan Etnik, Pemikiran Kritis & Kreatif*, Keusahawanan Teknologi, Komunikasi Bahasa Melayu 1, Pengajian Malaysia, Budaya Malaysia**.

  • For Local students, ** For International Students

Core Subject: Prinsip Elektrik & Elektronik, Elektronik Digital, Sistem Kuasa Elektrik, Kejuruteraan Bahan, Kejuruteraan Grafik & CAD, Prinsip Instrumentasi dan Pengukuran, Matematik Kejuruteraan, Persamaan Pembezaan, Pengaturcaraan Komputer, Statistik, Kaedah Berangka, Sistem Digit, Teknologi Mikropemproses, Teknologi dan Aplikasi Multimedia, Pemprosesan Isyarat Digit, Senibina Komputer, Teori Litar 1 & 2, Isyarat dan Sistem, Prinsip Perhubungan, Asas Elektronik, Elektronik Analog, Rekabentuk dan Analisis Sistem Elektronik, Prinsip dan Sistem Kawalan, Medan dan Gelombang Elektromagnetik, Rekabentuk Produk, Makmal Kejuruteraan Elektronik 1, 2, 3 & 4, Amalan Kejuruteraan, Ekonomi dan Pengurusan Kejuruteraan, Jurutera dan Masyarakat, Seminar Kejuruteraan, Projek Sarjana Muda 1 & 2, Latihan Industri.

Elective Subject:

At the end of the year (4th year), the student is able to choose FOUR subjects from the elective below:

  • Kejuruteraan Komputer: Teknologi Mikropengawal, Rekabentuk Litar Bersepadu Digit, Penglihatan Komputer dan Pengenalpastian Paten, Sistem Masa Nyata.
  • Elektronik Industri: Kawalan Industri + DAQ, Kepintaran Buatan, Automasi Industri, Elektronik Kuasa dan Pemacu.
  • Kejuruteraan Telekomunikasi: Kejuruteraan Sistem Telekomunikasi, Kejuruteraan Gelombang Mikro, Sistem komunikasi Digit, Optoelektronik.
  • Komunikasi Wayarles: Sistem Komunikasi Wayarles, Rangkaian dan Komunikasi Data, Perambatan Gelombang dan Antena, Sistem Navigasi Radio.
Last updated Feb 2018

About the School

As a Focus University, UTeM boasts strengths in technical fields – namely Engineering, IT, and Management Technology. UTeM has cemented a reputation of being a source of high-quality engineering gradu ... Read More

As a Focus University, UTeM boasts strengths in technical fields – namely Engineering, IT, and Management Technology. UTeM has cemented a reputation of being a source of high-quality engineering graduates with the capability of meeting the requirements of high-tech industries. UTeM also has research competencies in areas that it has identified as being key to enhancing the University’s unique proposition and also contributes to the nation such as Green Technology, Systems Engineering, Human-Technology Interaction, and Emerging Technology. UTeM Engineering programs are also accredited by Washington Accord. In addition to the Bachelor programs, UTeM offers also Master, PhD and Engineering Doctorate Program. Read less