Bachelor of Electrical Engineering


Program Description

Do you know SOUTH KOREA ?

  • GDP: USD 1.4 trillion (11th in the world)
  • GDP per Capita: USD 28,000 (28th in the world)
  • Trade: USD 1 trillion (8th in the world)
  • Population: 51 million (26th in the world)
  • Major Industries: Electronic and Electrical, Automotive, Shipbuilding, Mechanical, Petrochemical, Steel, Retail, etc.
  • MNCs: Samsung, LG, Hyundai, SK, POSCO, Lotte, Hanwha, etc.

Do you know ULSAN ?

  • Regional GDP per Capita: USD 61,000 (1st in Korea)
  • Trade: USD 300 billion (1st in Korea)
  • Population: 1.2 million (7th in Korea)
  • The Industrial Capital of Korea; ULSAN
    • Automotive Industry: Hyundai Motor & Affiliated Companies
    • Shipbuilding Industry: Hyundai Heavy Industries & Affiliated Companies
    • Petrochemical Industry: SK, S-Oil, LG, Affiliated Companies, etc.

*More than 2,000 corporations are operating in and around Ulsan.
Develop your future career path in Ulsan with University of Ulsan.


  • Establishment: Year 1970
  • Founder: Ju-yung CHUNG (Founder of HYUNDAI Group)
  • Governance: Hyundai Heavy Industries(HHI)
  • Honorary Chancellor: Mong-joon CHUNG (Major Shareholder of HHI)
  • Chancellor: Chung Kil CHUNG (Former Presidential Chief of Staff, Korea)
  • President: Yeon Cheon OH (Former President of Seoul National University)
  • Official Ranking
    • 90th in the World (2015 THE 100 under 50 Rankings)
    • 8th in Korea (2015 CWTS Leiden Rankings)
    • 9th in Korea (2015 THE World University Rankings)
    • 11th in Korea, 85th in Asia (2015 THE Asia University Rankings)
  • Strength: Industry-University Cooperation
    • Professional Internship & Factory Training
    • Active Career Development Service
  • Distinguished Programmes
    • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
    • Mechanical & Automotive Engineering
    • Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
    • Business Administration

What is UIEEP ?

UIEEP(Ulsan International Electrical Engineering Programme) is an unique mechanical & automotive engineering course where the students could develop their both academic and practical knowledge through the field-oriented education system of University of Ulsan. UIEEP cultivates professional electrical engineers equipped with global insight who will be leading this rapidly changing world.
UIEEP is unique among the mechanical engineering courses in Korea for the following reasons.

  1. Strategic location; Ulsan Metropolitan City (The industrial capital of Korea with over 2,000 companies)
  2. Professional internship and factory training programmes
  3. Special lectures from corporate CEOs and industry visits
  4. Strong career development services (professional mentoring programme from the industry)

UIEEP Vision

The Asian Hub of Global Electrical Engineering Education

UIEEP Mission

Developing Professional Electrical Engineers with Practical Knowledge and Global Insight



  • Strong partnership with local industries (Over 2,000 corporations around Ulsan)
  • Various job offers with competitive salary
  • Professional internship & field training opportunities


  • Academic tutoring for major courses & mentoring services
  • Special lecture series & industry visits
  • Korean studies programme & Korean language and culture courses

REASONABLE & AFFORDABLE COST (per year, approx.)

  • Tuition Fee: USD 6,000
  • On-Campus Student House Fee: USD 2,000 (Optional)
  • On-Campus Meal Plan Fee: USD 2,000 (Optional)
  • On-Campus Self-catered kitchen Fee: USD 300 (Optional)

UIEEP TUITION & FEES (per year, approx.)

Category Amount (USD) Remark
Entrance Fee 650 Only upon entry
Tuition Fee 6,000 -
Housing Fee
(On-campus Student House)
2,000 -
Meal Plan Fee
(On-campus Student House)
2,000 Self-catered
Kitchen: USD 300
TOTAL 10,650 -


Category Criteria Code Amount
Upon Entrance TOEFL iBT 110+ or IELTS 8.0+

TOEFL iBT 100+ or IELTS 7.0+

TOEFL iBT 90+ or IELTS 6.5+


70% of Tuition off
50% of Tuition off
30% of Tuition off
After Entrance TOEFL iBT 90+ or IELTS 6.5+ & Previous Semester GPA 4.25~4.50
TOEFL iBT 90+ or IELTS 6.5+ & Previous Semester GPA 4.00~4.24
TOEFL iBT 90+ or IELTS 6.5+ & Previous Semester GPA 3.75~3.99
TOEFL iBT 90+ or IELTS 6.5+ & Previous Semester GPA 3.50~3.74



100% of Tuition off
70% of Tuition off
50% of Tuition off
30% of Tuition off



Category Details
Nationality Requirement a) Anyone with foreign citizenship whose parents both also have foreign citizenship, or
* Applicants (including parents) with dual-citizenship of Korea are not eligible
* Taiwanese applicants are eligible even if one of their parents holds Korean citizenship

b) Anyone with foreign citizenship who completed both primary and secondary education fully outside of Korea
Academic Requirement Freshmen Admission
  • Anyone who completed or expects to complete primary and secondary education or those with equivalent qualification
Transfer Admission – 2nd Year Transfer
  • Anyone who completed or expects to complete at least 2 semesters (one fourth of the required credits for graduation) in a 4-year college or those with equivalent qualification
Transfer Admission – 3rd Year Transfer
  • Anyone who graduated or expects to graduate a 4-year college, who received or expects to receive an Associate Degree from a 2(3)-year college, who completed or expects to complete at least 4 semesters(half of the required credits for graduation) in a 4-year college, or those with equivalent qualification
Language Requirement
  1. Those with TOEFL iBT 71+,
  2. Those with IELTS 5.5+,
  3. Those who completed primary or secondary education fully in English (Medium of Instruction certificate required)
*Language certificates only issued within 2 years from the application deadline are accepted.


Category September Intake March Intake
Application Deadline 30 November 31 May
Admission Offer Acceptance Deadline 31 December 30 June
Last updated January 2018

About the School

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